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solemn_knight: how is married life?

ill_tempered: Peachy. 8D

solemn_knight: So you're not being troubled too much?

ill_tempered: Nope. Well except for the whole " NOT NOW! I'M TIRED. D= " thing. >> XDDD

solemn_knight: Are you suffering from a lot of headaches?

ill_tempered: Nope, my head is fine. =D

solemn_knight: Heh, perhaps that isn't an excuse you commonly offer to avoid the 'whole thing'....

ill_tempered: Why make an excuse when I can just say " no " ?

solemn_knight: Polite.

ill_tempered: Since when am I polite?

solemn_knight: ....I am casting my mind back into the far distant past and am still unable to recall...

solemn_knight: You're polite to me.

ill_tempered: But that's different.

solemn_knight: Ah. And why is that?

ill_tempered: It just is? :D? And if I weren't I'd probably get lectured out of my kazoo.

solemn_knight: Out of your what?

ill_tempered: My kazoo? It's an expression?

solemn_knight: I thought a kazoo was a small annoying instrument.

ill_tempered: It is, but uh. o_o ; Well, it's an expression too! I heard it.. on like.. TV. I think.

solemn_knight: I see.
solemn_knight: I miss you.

ill_tempered: I er.. miss you too.

solemn_knight: I thought a long time about sending that. Did you notice? It sounded too sentimental. How mushy.

ill_tempered: Oh hush. >/ You started it.

solemn_knight: So I did.

ill_tempered: You're mushy.

solemn_knight: Though I think you actually started it.

ill_tempered: But I'm not mushy.

solemn_knight: No one could ever accuse you of that, certainly.

ill_tempered: I'm too manly to be mushy. >>

solemn_knight: I have no complaints.

ill_tempered: Well good. I have none either. about you, I mean. >>; uh. yeah.

solemn_knight: Uh yeah? I hope I'll soon get the opportunity to demonstrate my appreciation of your manliness.
solemn_knight: Did I just type that?
solemn_knight: I think I did.

ill_tempered: !
ill_tempered: You know!! Bah.
ill_tempered: Stop cheating!

solemn_knight: Cheating?

ill_tempered: Yes. That is considered cheating..because.. I have nothing to say to stuff like that. *huff*

solemn_knight: Nothing at all?

ill_tempered: Well uh.. nothing that I'd like to type.

solemn_knight: I showed you mine. I think you should do the honourable thing and show me yours.

ill_tempered: ...
ill_tempered: That looks wrong. XD

solemn_knight: It's all in your mind.

ill_tempered: Yes yes. XDD

solemn_knight: But not for much longer, one hopes.

ill_tempered: Hopefully not much longer.
ill_tempered: er!
ill_tempered: I mean. >>;
ill_tempered: *Shush

solemn_knight: You seem flustered.
solemn_knight: I think I might be.

ill_tempered: I never get flustered. >>

solemn_knight: We'll see.

ill_tempered: Hah! Says you! I'm un flusterable..? I don't think that's a word..

solemn_knight: Are you challenging me to fluster you?

ill_tempered: Perhaps.

solemn_knight: I think I can rise to the challenge Johnny.

ill_tempered: *snicker*
ill_tempered: I'm sure you can.

solemn_knight: And yourself?

ill_tempered: Hm~ You know me, I'm always up for a challenge.

solemn_knight: I am always impressed by how you return my service Johnny.

ill_tempered: I live to impress.

solemn_knight: Is it hard? To impress?

ill_tempered: Not at all, when you're as awesome as me.

solemn_knight: Well, I shall have to test this awesome composure of yours.I am very curious about it.

ill_tempered: Oh! That reminds me! Robert Robert Robert! =O I have a tennis match on Sunday, will you come watch?

solemn_knight: I'll be there to see you win.

ill_tempered: Excellent.

solemn_knight: And then perhaps, afterwards, I shall challenge you to match which I shall win.

ill_tempered: Chess?

solemn_knight: Something like that.

ill_tempered:: ..Oh!

solemn_knight: Oh.
solemn_knight: Oh indeed.

ill_tempered: ..ah.. well. Hey! Who says you'll win?

solemn_knight: Set, game, and match Johnny.

ill_tempered: Says you, I might surprise you.

solemn_knight: I hope you do.

ill_tempered: Oh don't worry, I will.

solemn_knight: You have some certain free time afterwards then?

ill_tempered: Yes, I think so.

solemn_knight: Near to your home, or should I arrange a court for us to play on?

ill_tempered: You can arrange.

solemn_knight: I will do that then. Well, this evening has turned out to be most positive. I have a wide smile now and plans for my weekend.

ill_tempered: I'm glad I could make you smile.

solemn_knight: You always do. Except when I see you sad.

ill_tempered: Well, I don't think I'll be sad for awhile.

solemn_knight: Not if I have anything to do with it.

ill_tempered: But all fun aside.. >>; uhm.. I do er.. kindamissyou and it'll be nice to..uhm see you this weekend.

solemn_knight: I cannot wait to see you, in all honesty. I hope it will be more than nice. I will certainly do my best to make it weekend to remember.

ill_tempered: Heh, I'm sure you will.

solemn_knight: We will have a good time. I am sorry we didn't do more before. I am a fool not to have seized the moment. But one learns from one's mistakes.

ill_tempered: It's alright absence makes the heart grow fonder. <--- omg, did I type that? :O?

solemn_knight: I think you did, and I think you're right.

ill_tempered: I'm always right.

solemn_knight: I smile. I think I managed to get a glimpse inside then before you hid. ;)

ill_tempered: Johnny the Magnificent never hides. >>

solemn_knight: Of course not.
solemn_knight: Not from me at least?

ill_tempered: No, not from you.

solemn_knight: I am really looking forward to seeing you Johnny.

ill_tempered: I'm looking foreward to seeing you too Robert.

solemn_knight: You know, I think we just had that wonderful moment when we stopped joking and honestly spoke and it was easy. I hope so.

ill_tempered: I think you're right.

solemn_knight: You are really well and happy?
solemn_knight: Just checking.

ill_tempered: Yes, everything is liveable. I'm happy.

solemn_knight: I am glad it's not as horrible as you feared. We will make it work. I promised.

ill_tempered: Yes you did.

solemn_knight: I always deliver. On my honour.

ill_tempered: Is it bad of me that I wish Sunday would get here sooner? :3?

solemn_knight:: If it is, then we're both being bad Johnny.

solemn_knight: And on Sunday we can be bad together, can't we.

ill_tempered: Eh heh, yes we can.

solemn_knight: I'll try to stay a while.

ill_tempered: I..I would really like that.

solemn_knight: However much time you have to spare, I will spend with you. My Father understands. My calender is relatively free.

ill_tempered: My calender is mostly free too.

solemn_knight: Well, we can take the opportunity to spend some time; Wimbledon is approaching, I understand, if you want to take in some tennis.

ill_tempered: Of course, gotta stay in top shape!

solemn_knight: That is a perfect opening to remark that you are already in top shape.

ill_tempered: I know. =D But I have to stay in top shape.

solemn_knight: I shall do my best to help.
solemn_knight: As you can see, I am surely looking forward to seeing your form on Sunday. And I am sure the tennis will be enjoyable too.

ill_tempered: ...You're cheating again..

solemn_knight: Am I? I am developing appalling habits which you must help me correct, I think.

ill_tempered: Hm, it's nothing some careful observation and time could heal.

solemn_knight: Observation will be useful.
solemn_knight: I have to go to bed.

ill_tempered:: Goodnight Robert.

solemn_knight: Goodnight to you.

solemn_knight: I really cannot wait to see you.

ill_tempered: I can't either.

solemn_knight: I am thinking of you.

ill_tempered: ..I am too.

To be continued, I think...:P
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