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Ozuma visits Salima at work...

Ozuma stayed at an unobtrusive difference as he followed Salima to where ever she was going. It hadn't escaped his notice that she'd started walking a new route regularly. Ozuma liked to know just what was going on.

Salima's backpack slid down and she pulled it back up. She walked a little ways before going down an alley and into a back door, breifly saying hello to someone that was inside.

Ozuma watched her go in. Hmph. He waited quarter of an hour and then went up to the door he had seen her use. "Hi, Sorry to bother you", he said, "...but can I just speak to Salima a minute - she's forgotten her housekeys." Ozuma jingled a non-discript set of keys. His own.

The man that answered nodded to him. "I don't know where she is but just go around front, tell them that Bennie sent you and just go in and find her. It shouldn't be too hard."

"Thanks", Ozuma smiled in a friendly way and went round to the front of the club. He went in, looking about, found a staff member and told them his story.

They pointed him towards the hostess desk where Salima was in a uniform and was about to go up onstage. "Wait til she gets off." Salima leaned into the microphone. "Okay, before we get to the fun stuff, remeber no fights, no violence. We don't want visits from the cops. It's not fun. Our old bartender's back, too, from vacation so go pick up a drink from Drea while you're hear. Karaoke and Sing-Off contests start in five minutes and the employee contests start right after that," Salima smiled, "And I'm still trying to get one of my co-workers to beat me! Do you think they can do it?" Some shouted no others yes. "I think they can do it too! But right now let's get this competion underway!" she said cheerily before jumping off the stage and going back to the hotess desk. People nodded to her and Ozuma noticed from a distance that Hostess, wasindeed on her nametag.

Ozuma wandered over in the direction of the desk and simply placed himself in her line of sight.

Salima's eyes widened and was startled as she saw him. She excused herself from her co-workers who she was talking to and walked up to Ozuma with dread. She wished she could just ignore him but she knew she'd be nervous all night if she didn't see what he wanted now.

Ozuma smiled pleasantly as she walked over. "Perhaps I'll sing, eh...", he said, "...but perhaps not."

Salima reached him and resisted the urge to rudely ask what he was ding here. She knew all to well what smartass he was

"So", Ozuma said conversationally, "You work here."

Salima's eyes narrowed. "How did you find me here?" she hissed.

"I followed you", Ozuma smiled, tipping his head with a gesture.

"Why?!" she said startled but not surpised.

"I expect I don't have enough to do", Ozuma said evenly, "And I like to keep an eye on people."

"Stalker." she said shortly before turning away from him.

Ozuma shrugged and followed her, "Sorry to have to tell you you're not my exclusive interest. But it's easier to have a look at places like this than others."

Salima turned back around. "I have done nothing. You know what?! I have worked so hard to keep this a secret? Why do you always have to ruin everything?" she asked bitter.

"I'm not interested in gossip", Ozuma said, " you needn't worry that tomorrow morning the whole circuit will be discussing it."

"I still don't like you knowing. You know what? Nevermind, I don't have time for you. So if you have nothing else..."

"What do you do here?", Ozuma asked.

"Work." she said shortly.

"I see" Ozuma looked around at the customers and the karaoke. "Hostess", he read her badge.

"Yes, what do you care about it?"

"What does that involve", Ozuma smiled at one of her colleagues.

"It's a job. A simple job. Again, I ask. What do you care?"

"Are you happy?"

"Of course." she snapped.

Ozuma nodded. "And the Beast?"

"Fine." she snapped again. She wasn't 'fine/of course' but she wouldn't tell him that. Other than the fact that she didn't particarily like him there was also something her mother had once said, ringing in her ears. Don't hang your dirty laundry in public. So her mouth stayed stubbornly shut.

"Hmmmm", Ozuma looked at her. He had a fiercely penetrating gaze that seemed to look right through Salima. "Well", he said, "If you don't want to say of course....I can hardly drag it out of you". He flashed his teeth in a sort of smile.

Salima glared back at him. "I have work." she said bitingly.

"Of course", Ozuma said, "Well, I'll go find a table".

Salima got frustrated that he was staying. "Fine." It took her a moment to realize it was her job to seat him. Crap.

Ozuma stood waiting, hands behind his back, waiting patiently.

Salima mentally frowned and led him to a table, as far from her station as possible.

Ozuma settled into a seat. "Thanks", he said.

"No problem. A waiter or waitress will be around in a few minutes to order anything you may want."

"What time do you finish", Ozuma asked rather loudly, again smiling at a colleague as she walked past.

Salima narrowed her eyes. "None of your business."

She mentally sighed, her co-workers were going to have a field day with this.

"Oh, I guess I'll sit and wait", Ozuma beamed at her.

Salima resisted the urge to slap him. "2." she said with force.

"Well, I have to see you sing", Ozuma said, amused by the attention their conversation was starting to get, "But...well...I guess I could go and then come back. You can't walk home alone."

Salima flsuhed at his mention of her singing. "I can walk home by myself perfectly well." she said defensively.

"Come on, what kind of guy do you think I am!...", Ozuma said. Then he looked at the stage, "I am sure the singing will be great."

Salima walked away, angry, not being able to stand him anymore. "Teresea, you can have the jackass in seat 1C," she said as she passed a waitress.

Ozuma chuckled to himself. He had never been in a club before. He looked wholly out of place. The atmosphere interested and amused him and Flash Leopard sensed it and rumbled away contentedly in his pocket. Ozuma made up his mind to hear Salima sing, and then he would go. He ordered water from the waitress.

Salima went about her job, dreading when the time would come for her erformance, normally something she looked forward to. Just like Ozuma to take the fun out of everything.

Salima got passed a note, showing the winners of the citizans contest. She went up on the stage to announce the winner and the begininning of the employee contest, which was frankly most popular. As always the undefeated winner goes last. When Salima's turn cam up she went on the stage with her usual work cheer. "Well, I'm going to make it easier on these guys and sing a song not made for my gender or type of voice so here we go!" She stepped back alittle then came back to the mic as the music started...Her voice filled the speakers...

Ozuma settled back to listen. This should be interesting.

I... I came here by day, but I left here in darkness
And found you, found you on the way
And now, it is silver and silent, it is silver and cold
You, in somber resplendence, I hold

She closed her eyes, concentrating on the lyrics as she heard the crowd cheer, her being one of the favorites.

Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one
Your sins into me
As a rapturous voice escapes, I will tremble a prayer
And I'll beg for forgiveness
(Your sins into me) Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one

Light, like the flutter of wings, feel your hollow voice rushing into me
As you're longing to sing
So I... I will paint you in silver, I will wrap you in cold
I will lift up your voice as I sink

Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one, now
Your sins into me
As a rapturous voice escapes, I will tremble a prayer
And I'll beg for forgiveness
(Your sins into me) Your sins into me

Cold in life's throws, I'll fall asleep for you
Cold in life's throws, I only ask you turn away
Cold in life's throws, I'll fall asleep for you
Cold in life's throws, I only ask you turn
As they seep... into me, oh, my beautiful one, now

Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one
Your sins into me
As a rapturous voice escapes, I will tremble a prayer
And I'll beg for forgiveness
(Your sins into me)
Your sins into me... oh

Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one, now
Your sins into me
As a rapturous voice escapes, I will tremble a prayer
And I'll beg for forgiveness
(Your sins into me) Your sins into...
(Your sins into me) Your sins into me

She paused and opened her eyes, smiling, as her adenaline rushed.

Oh, my beautiful one

Ozuma smiled. Whatever else was going wrong, the job was a good idea.

Salima said her thank yous and stepped off the stage.

Ozuma downed the last of his water and stood up. He pressed through the crowd and made his way over to Salima. "You have a very nice voice", he said.

Salima blushed slightly, now in a generally good mood.

"Well", Ozuma said, "I think I've seen what I need to see. So I guess I'll bid you a good night."

Salima nodded, not caring to point out the time to him which happened to be about 5 til 2.

"See you later", Ozuma said with a grin.

She heard some of her co-workers giggling behind her resisted the urge to kick them. "Yeah...bye."

Ozuma wandered off to the door. He looked back and waved to her.

But Salima was already back to work. She checked in with the bartender and then the seating arrangments before going to the back to change back into her clothes.

Ozuma watched her duck backstage. He'd offered to walk her home after all. Heh. He went round to the side of the club and stood a respectful distance from the door.

Salima said good-bye to all the people there and she heard a good-luck for the contest, which the winners would be announced tomorrow, after the vote were counted. She shouldered her bag pushed the door open, thoughts circling her head.

Ozuma watched her leave. The job was certainly good for her.

Salima walked briskly home, despite what she had said to Ozuma, a little wary of the neighborhood after her many necounters with Damion in the past year.

Ozuma followed at a safe distance. There was no harm in making sure she did in fact get home safely, though she had done this walk many times now, clearly.

As Salima got to her own 'home' she pasued by the porch, not really sure if she wanted to go in quite yet. She climbed the steps anyway and stood by the door. She looked up at the windows of the house and sighed, relunctantly opening the door. Her good mood gone and things crashing back on her.

Hmm. Just like the crash in the wake of a battle, her adrenaline rush was wearing off.

Nothing and nowhere, I'm nothing at all, Ready to recognize the fall she sang softly to herself.

Ozuma sprang easily into a tree and settled against the trunk.

Salima walked into the house with one look back to the street before closing the door behind her.

Ozuma sat in the tree a while. Of all the people he had his eye on, Salima's course was the most unstable, it seemed. Garland seemed to be on a relatively steady upswing. His beast wasn't as strong as it had been, but it's strength was more consistant and it was more content which showed in it's magnificent appearance. Brooklyn also seemed happier, his moods less volatile.

Claude seemed to be channeling all his energy into manic water battles (as Ozuma had discovered...). Tala ... was at least not deteriorating any. But Salima...seemed to wobble backwards and forwards. Ozuma considered he was not done here yet.
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