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Anyone for Tennis?

Johnny always knew he was great and always knew that he rarely lost at anything. And that included tennis. This match had been MUCH harder than he had anticipated, and he had to work SO much harder. And this was it, the last serve. His chest heaved and a bead of sweat rolled down his neck as he gripped the tennis ball tighter.

He elegantly cast his serve, lithe body stretching as he hit it. But of course his opponent was quick, and was able to recieve the perfect serve. But Johnny was quicker. He barely recognized when it was over. His cocky grin tugged at his lips as he raised a hand, the cheers getting louder. He walked across the court and shook hands before he headed to his bench for his towel.

Johnny immediatly slumped down, head lolling back as he breathed hard, towel draped around his shoulders. He waved off most of the people who wanted to talk to him. He didn't care, he won, who cares? He waved the rest off with an irritated hand; he just wanted to sit for a bit and catch his breath.

Robert had been watching from the stands. When the match was over, smiling, he made his way down to the bench. The way Johnny was sitting was amusing. Robert laid his hand on Johnny's head and ruffled his hair. "Congratulations, Mr McGregor", he said.

Johnny gently swatted away Robert's hand before he reached for his bottle of water, tilting his head back so he could gulp a long drink. After wiping his mouth with his towel he grinned up at Robert, "Told you I'd win".

"I never doubted it", Robert smiled, "A very impressive performance."

"I'm here to impress", Johnny stated cheekily as he stretched, grinning to himself. There was nothing better to boost his mood than a spectacular win.

"...So"...Robert sat down next to Johnny after a moment and looked out over the courts, "Have you still business to conduct here before the afternoon is done?"

Johnny blinked a little at the question before he thought on it. "I don't think so, and even if I do, who cares?" He waved a hand idly in the direction of the people who he brushed off. "I ignore them anyway."

Robert looked sideways at Johnny. Always blustering. He grinned. "Shall we then? I have a surprise for you."

Johnny peeked up at Robert curiously. His blush wasn't noticeable because his cheeks were already flushed from the game, and the fact it was hot out. "Eh? really? Sure." A surprise?

"Well, it's nothing, really", Robert said casually, standing up..."If you want to stay...?" He looked back at Johnny over his shoulder and smiled.

Johnny huffed a little before he wiped his brow again, his body beginning to cool down. He hopped up from his bench, smoothing down his shirt. "No no".

"Come on then", Robert said. "I love tennis, Johnny. But I came to see you".

Johnny cleared his throat when a slight blush formed. "I know". A small pause before he crossed his arms over his chest. "Lead the way then."
Robert swept up Johnny's tennis bag and lead the way out of the stadium. His car was waiting for them and his man put Johnny's bag in the back and held the door open for them. Once they were settled in the car, and had been driving a while, Robert asked Johnny, "'re well?"

Johnny was absently drumming his fingertips on his bare knee cap, before he tugged on his shorts a little. He still had some adrenaline from his match. He looked to Robert " Yes, very well. What about you? "

"Very well. Looking forward to this holiday....I have a hotel locally, but we're not heading back there right now..." Robert leaned back and stretched, settling comfortably into the seat.

Johnny raised his brows curiously; he was sure that was where they were going. Johnny always had a pleasure of hotels, the beds were comfy and he liked the little fridges most had. "Where are we going then?"

"You'll see", Robert smiled, and he refused to be drawn any further on where they might be going.

Johnny bit the inside of his cheek, knowing he would say something, or try and coax Robert into saying something, which he knew would be impossible. Johnny had tried coaxing things from the German many times, but it never worked. Though he did nod absently at the others words.

Eventually, the car drew up on a private landing strip. Robert's plane sat on the runway. "I'll explain in a moment", Robert said in a secretive way, "when we have privacy". Robert took Johnny aboad the plane. From the outside it was like any small jet, but on the inside it was as luxiuous and comfotable as any hotel room. Johnny knew it quite well; he'd travelled on this plane many times. Robert used it to hop between countries, seeing friends, going to tournaments...Robert waited for the staff to bring Johnny's tennis bag on board and store it, and then for them to withdraw. "We're alone, I think", he smiled at Johnny.

Johnny stretched, pleased. He liked this plane, it was fancy but not overly so. He always felt so comfortable in it, and Johnny had to be comfortable whilst traveling or else the staff knew about it and wouldn't hear the end of it. He turned to look up at Robert. "I think so."

"So now I can explain myself"...Robert gazed at Johnny thoughtfully, "As I said, I have got a hotel room...but....a hotel room seemed very...impersonal for what I would like to do...I wanted to bring you into my space, Johnny."

It felt like Johnny's stomach was full of butterflies, but he managed a slight smirk, brows rising again as he kept Robert's eyes locked with his own. He nodded once, understanding, crossing his arms over his chest. " And what would you like to do Robert? "

Robert beckoned Johnny to come over.

Johnny didn't hesitate, once beckoned he moved over.

Robert gathered Johnny in his arms and rested his head against his hair so that the smaller Johnny was completely cradled against him. "Well, I don't have a precise itinerary, but...something like this to begin", Robert turned Johnny's face up to him and kissed him gently.

Johnny's stomach fluttered and he gently slipped his arms up and around Robert's neck as he responded to the kiss warmly. They hadn't really kissed much, but he loved the taste of Robert's lips..and the fact that it was made his heart flutter as well.

Robert was delighted when he felt Johnny respond - he pressed the kiss deeper, exploring Johnny's lips...feeling Johnny's arms reach up and around his neck, he slid his own down Johnny's back, resting his hands against the base of Johnny's spine. "Would you like to see my bed Johnny?", he whispered.

Johnny nearly shivered in delight. His eyes looking up to meet Robert's, a slow smile formed. " I would love to Robert. " He murmured before he boldy kissed him again.

Robert let Johnny kiss him, "Come on then", he said into the kiss. He guided Johnny into the bedroom, laid out as if it was within a house, with a great double bed. He watched Johnny go into the room. "If it was going to be anywhere Johnny, it needed to be in my bed. Not some strange bed in a hotel. In mine".

Johnny nodded absently. "I agree", he replied softly. He could barely think straight, and his cheeks were faintly flushed. He was a little nervous (who wouldn't be) though he smiled. His eyes were on the bed, then they moved so he was looking at Robert.

"Are you OK? Because if you're not ready, there is a fridge of food and a chess board to hand..." Robert said.

Johnny turned and reached up to pull Robert down a little so he could promptly and firmly kiss him on the lips. " If I wasn't ready I would have said something...", he breathed.

"Just checking", Robert smiled, and manouvered Johnny until the back of his knees were against the bed and then he pushed him gently backwards into the sheets."Comfortable?", Robert smiled at sat down next to Johnny.

"Oh yes, very comfortable." Johnny stretched a little. His cheeks weren't so flushed anymore, and his stomach and heart weren't so fluttery.

Robert rested back himself and laughed quietly...."I think I am very happy right now".

Johnny sideglanced to Robert lying next to him with a smile. "I'm glad, I'm very happy too."

"Are you, hmm?", Robert reached out and drew Johnny close to him. "That's good...I have thought so much about having you right here...but we can converse later, I think. This isn't about conversation". He reached out his hand and stroked Johnny's cheek, then drew his hand down to take Johnny's chin, rubbing his thumb over Johnny's mouth. He tipped Johnny's chin up and kissed him, touching Johnny's lips with his tongue.

No it wasn't about conversation. And Johnny didn't have any words left, because really they were tiptoeing around the whole thing. He leaned into the touch of Robert's hand on his cheek, making sure his eyes never strayed from Robert's, his lips parting when he felt the German's thumb on them. A sound of contenment issued from his lips as he responded warmly to the kiss.

Robert rolled over above Johnny, pressing him back into the sheets with the weight of Robert's body covering him. His lips left Johnny's and pressed against Johnny's throat, at the little hollow where his neck met his body, against his collarbone as Robert opened his shirt.

Johnny's eyes fluttered closed as he tilted his neck a little, giving Robert more access. His left arm rose a little, his fingers running through Robert's hair and caressing the back of his neck before running down his back slowly.

Robert shivered and let his tongue slide over Johnny's nipple, feeling the little bud tightening under the soft touch.

Johnny's stomach got butterflies again, and he felt a warm sensation wash through him. He murmured out Robert's name, eyes opening slowly.

Robert smiled against him and held him still while he touched and kissed his way to the waistband of Johnny's pants.

Johnny's cheeks flushed hotly as he watched Robert kiss down his body. It felt so good..and it didn't seem real. He wasn't exactly nervous now.. he wasn't too sure, he wanted this so very bad.

"Is it nice?" Robert breathed, "You're happy?"

Johnny gave a nod. " Yes. " he whispered. " I'm very happy. "

"Very happy isn't good enough", Robert grinned, flushed himself, "Have a feel up by the pillows there, Johnny. See what you can find". The grin widened when Johnny's hand touched the smooth tube of lubricant. "I have thought about you a lot Johnny. The more I thought about it, after you confessed, the more I realised I very much wanted to do this..."

Johnny rolled the the tube of lubricant in his palm, blushing as he looked back to Robert. "I...", Johnny was never really good with words, "I want this to very much Robert..." His words were soft and he nearly stuttered. Nearly. His heart almost skipped a beat.

"It's already happening, I think", Robert smiled at him, reaching up and taking the tube away. He slid a hand into Johnny's pants and ran his fingers slowly over Johnny's erection through his boxers...."Yes", he said, "certainly happening......" He looked at Johnny, his eyes a purple hue in the light, "Stop me if it hurts?"

Johnny would have laughed a little, but the fact that Robert was touching the currently most sensitive part of his body, he was unable to. He gasped a little at the touch. He looked back to Robert and nodded. "I - I will."

"Good". Robert slid Johnny's pants and boxers easily off his hips, kneeling up to pull them off completely. He paused to look at Johnny's body."You're very handsome", he said again, and then he lay down next to Johnny and pulled his body close against him. He wrapped his hand around Johnny's cock, stroking rhythmically, burying his head against Johnny's shoulder, licking circles against his skin.

Johnny at first felt very embarassed to be well...naked in front of Robert, but soon enough all of those worries were gone! When Robert started stroking him he let out another surprised noise that quickly turned into a moan. Johnny closed his eyes, the sensations washing over him.

Robert removed his hand so that Johnny was purely resting against him. He popped the cap off the tube of lube and coated his hand with it, and slid that slick hand between their bodies, pressing fingers tenderly against Johnny's ass. "OK?" he whispered.

Johnny's head was swimming with all these new feelings. He barely heard Robert's voice. He swallowed hard and nodded to Robert's question; yeah he was okay.

"Stop me if it hurts", Robert repeated. He slid a finger easily inside Johnny, slowing his stroking to let Johnny focus on this new feeling. When he felt Johnny's body resist, the muscles clenching around his finger, he stopped; "Relax", he murmered, kissing Johnny soothingly, until he felt he could push deeper, hooking his finger to touch Johnny inside.

Johnny was trying so very hard to relax, but it was kinda hard when you had something inside of you like that; felt so different to anything he had ever felt. He bit his bottom lip and coaxed his body to stay calm and to keep relaxed, though he did let out a moan.

Robert pressed a second lubricated finger inside, stretching Johnny open. It felt amazing to him, touching Johnny like this.... He worked it a moment, his head still resting against Johnny's shoulder, feeling his way, waiting until Johnny felt relaxed. "I want you very much", he whispered to Johnny.

Johnny held back most of the noises that his body yearned to make. He took a breath before he managed a smile. " Then take me..." He murmured thickly; his body was staying relaxed and that helped alot.

Robert to do this? He wanted to able to see Johnny's that settled it. He swivelled Johnny around and laid him on his back in the pillows and quickly stripped away the rest of his own clothes, flushing as little at Johnny looking at him - it was good to know how it felt to be looked at like that...

"You're very handsome yourself." Johnny purred out sincerly as he looked Robert over, his cheeks a gentle pink.

Robert felt colour rush into his cheeks as he applied a little more lube to himself and leant over Johnny, lifting and spreading his legs wide.

He took a breath or two to keep himself calm, bracing himself for what he knew was coming.

"Heh", Robert also managed a smile. He didn't feel calm either now. He bent and kissed Johnny's mouth as he slid inside him easily, gasping at how tight he was...he took Johnny's hand and wound their fingers together.

Johnny closed his eyes tight, gasping at the sudden pain. He never knew such a...a different kind of pain existed before; he wasn't going to stop Robert, he just needed to get used to it was all.

"Are you OK", Robert rested against him.

"A-ah..yes." Johnny managed to squeek out, cheeks flushed. "Just n-not used to it." He licked his lips as he began to calm his body down.

Robert waited again until he felt Johnny relaxed before he moved inside him, rocking gently at first then thrusting harder. It felt incredible. Robert closed his eyes and pressed his mouth against Johnny's. His heart was beating so fast...

Johnny moaned into the kiss. His fingers grasping at the bed sheets underneath him, eyes closed nearly painfully tight. His knuckes were white, and his heart was fluttering. The pain was subsiding and was soon being relaced by pleasure.

The little moan made Robert's head spin. He pushed hard into Johnny, each stroke a little harder, slamming their bodies together, angling himself to please Johnny best, working against his most sensitive spot.

Johnny's fingers were hurting from how hard he was gripping at the sheets. His breath pitched a little as he rolled his head back. His erection was beginning to throb with need of release, and his whole body was tingling with pleasure.

Robert raised himself a little. Spots of light danced behind his eyelids. "Johnny", he sighed, and reaching out, he took Johnny's erection in his hand.

Johnny's body trembled as he kept holding it in. His eyes closed tightly as he tried to concentrate. But his head was spinning with delight, and his body couldn't really take it anymore, especially with Robert touching him again. He moaned softly as he came, his fingers releasing the sheets, trembling slightly.

The sensation of Johnny's orgasm, that rhythmic pulse squeezing him in waves was too much. Robert came with Johnny's name on his lips. He was faintly aware of Johnny's body trembling under him. He squeezed Johnny's hand tight.

Johnny's back arched a little at the feeling of Robert coming inside of him, he murmured Robert's name before he brought a shaking hand to caress the back of Robert's neck before he kissed, long and soft.

Robert returned the kiss gently, breathing hard. Eventually, he pulled himself back a little and looked down at Johnny, and smiled, stroking Johnny's cheek. He tried to find the right thing to say, but it was hard to think properly. He felt warm and sleepy and so comfortable. "Ok?", he asked Johnny, snatching another little kiss.

Johnny only managed to nod, cheeks flushed a light pink. Oh he felt so good, sore...very sore, but good. He moved a little to kinda lay on his side, his bottom half really was sore. But he kept a small smile, he really should go shower..but he felt very sleepy.

Robert wrapped his arms around the sleepy Johnny and cuddled him close. He didn't want their bodies to part. "Are you warm enough?", he whispered.

Johnny nuzzled against Robert. " Yeah.. " He murmured softly, eyes slowly closing. Today was the best day he had ever had. He doubted it could get any better. He was with Robert...and he felt so good.

"You're so handsome Johnny", Robert murmered happily, nuzzling his lips into Johnny's hair, kissing him softly.

Johnny blushed more, peeking up to look at Robert. "Thank you..." He was too overwhelmed to be cheeky. "You are too... very much." And he meant it sincerly.

Robert smiled, as Johnny turned his face. He leant in and kissed Johnny's lips very gently. "Sleepy?" he settled Johnny that little bit closer.

Johnny smiled at the kiss; it nearly felt too good to be true. "Just a little", he breathed, liking the feeling of being this close to Robert.

"Me too", Robert said tenderly, moving his hands across Johnny's back, exploring his new lover's skin..."I think though...I think next time, I want this to last a lot longer Johnny".

Johnny shivered at Robert's touch, settling into him more. "I agree", he said softly, his heart beating a little bit faster. Next time... there was going to be a next time.

Robert stretched out and pulled the covers around them, yawning and nestling down, "I'm glad you do. I...meant all of this. Everything I have said and done. I think...well, I always loved you as a friend Johnny...I just didn't really...I don't know how I didn't see..." His voice was peaceful. "I thought about this a lot..." Another slow kiss and Robert closed his eyes, smiling, listening to Johnny's shakey breathing.

Johnny's eyes widened a little bit. He had never expected Robert to confess anything, he honestly hadn't. But..when he did, Johnny felt like his heart was going to explode. He nuzzled into Robert a little more, he couldn't find the words right now; everything was so overwhelming.

Robert smiled wider when he felt Johnny trying to snuggle closer still. "I don't think we could get much closer Johnny", he whispered, "...but it's always good to try".

Johnny huffed a little before peering up a little. "I'm just getting comfy", he answered softly as he began to settle. He was finding it hard to keep his eyes open.

Robert kissed Johnny's forehead lazily and brushed a few locks of hair out of Johnny's eyes.
A smile tugged at Johnny's lips as he settled down, eyes slowly closing before he started to drift. But before he fell completely asleep he managed to murmur out 'I love you.'

"Heh. You too..." Robert wasn't sure Johnny could hear him, but he held the sleeping Johnny close to him, because he was very precious...eventually Robert drifted off to sleep himself.
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