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Longest. RP. Ever!

Okay, here it is, a Daichi/Hilary RP.

This includes lemons! Don't make me warn you again! NC-17! Got it!

"Yah! Let it Rip!" Daichi yelled out as he launched his blade towards a tree. Strata Dragoon skimmed against the tree, moving through the wooded area with ease. Daichi heard his stomach give a loud rumble and glance down at it. "Uh, I didn't bring food," he groaned as he pulled out the little money he had and decided to head out of the woods to get some food.

Hilary skimmed the shelves in the QuickMart looking for something to get for her apartment.

Daichi found a hamburger vendor on the road in front of a QuickMart and offered the man who was attending it his money and received several hamburgers. He grabbed them, his eyes wide as he went towards the condiments. Finally he was going to eat!

Hilary paid and thanked the cashier and stepped outside into the sun.

Daichi finally found a bench and sat down as he took a large bite of his hamburger. He was so hungry and since he was on his own there was no Tyson to steal his food. That made it all the juicier.

Hilary spotted someone out of her eye. She was kind of surprised, not expecting to find him there. She was about to say hi but she resisted. She remembered, they weren't on the best of terms and sometimes she wondered if he was one of her friends, she wasn't sure.

Daichi finished his hamburger and wiped the ketchup and mustard off his face before starting on the next one.

Hilary thought for a moment and threw a bag of chips his way, knowing his reflexes good enough to catch it, then she intended to leave him be and go back home.

Daichi glanced up and caught the bag, grinning as he glanced at the item in his hand. Then he glanced up, seeing just who had thrown them his way. "Aww man, it's you."

Hilary glared at him. 'Gee thanks..." she said walking away from him. She didn't need this from him.

She always seemed to be trying to be nice to people and it always just got thrown back in her face.

"Hey!" Daichi yelled after Hilary as he jumped to his feet. "Have you seen Tyson around?"

"No." she snapped. "I'm not his keeper."

"Man," Daichi said as he crossed his arms. "Are you PMSing again?"

Hilary hit him with her grocery bag. "No, I am not and it wouldn't be any of you're business if I was."

"Girls," he jumped out of the way of the grocery bag incase she decided to use it against him again but in doing so he stumbled and fell on his butt.

"Serves you right." Hilary said, "Besides without girls there'd be no boys/men."

Daichi growled as he got up and brushed himself off. "I don't need no stupid girls," he said as he stood there.

"Girls grow into women and women produce babies, some of which, unfortunately are boys."

Daichi grumbled about the science lesson he seemed to be getting. "So what!"

“Whatever, Daichi, you need to grow up."

"Why?" Daichi asked as he cocked his head quizzically to the side. He didn't want to grow up, adults just died.

Hilary sighed frustrated. "Never mind! You're so difficult to deal with!"

"I'm difficult! You're the one that's difficult!" Daichi yelled back at her.

"Oh yeah? How am I 'difficult?!" Hilary shouted back to him in the same volume.

"You're confusing me," Daichi said as he stuck his lips out in a pout.

"Oh I'm sorry for confusing you. Do you want me to start putting things in idiot terms?"

"I'm not the idiot!" Daichi yelled back at her, his hands clenched tightly.

'Well it's not like I put riddles in my words!"

"Argh!" Daichi put his head to his hands, his fingers running through his hair.

Hilary growled in frustration. She could never get through to Daichi. It was helpless

Daichi sat on the bench, crossing his arms. Maybe if he just ignored Hilary she would stop bugging him.

"Why do you never give me a chance? I try to be nice to you."

Daichi turned away from her; maybe ignoring her would work. Besides everyone always saw him as a pain. He didn't really have any real friends, figuring the rest of the team was just nice to him because he was part of the team.

Hilary cried out in frustration and started walking home once again. Nothing she ever tried worked. She tried to make friends but in the end she was still alone. Yes, people were nice to her but only to be nice. She had never really belonged anywhere and currently her only real friend was Salima. Is that all she could manage? One friend? Was she really that pathetic?

Daichi stood up and turned back towards the woods. He knew he should get back to his training, alone where he belonged, even though he missed hanging out with Tyson, but he was sick of only being 'Tyson's partner'. He had been alone since his father had died saving those tourists.

Hilary stopped walking and decided to sit on a bench, fuming, she needed to calm down before she got home.

Daichi watched as he launched his blade down the street, remembering back to the time when he and Tyson first learned the hard metal system. It sure had a mind of its own but now he was back to just being the world champion's partner until he could defeat Tyson. Daichi watched Strata Dragoon as it started running from him. "Hey!" Daichi yelled as he chased after it. It sputtered to a stop however, right in front of Hilary.

Hilary looked up and grimaced. She contemplated picking up Daichi's blade for him but knew that he hated anyone else touching it, so she just let it stay.

Daichi picked up the beyblade and stared at it and stuck it in the pouch tied around his waist. As he stood up he stumbled, hitting the bench as he fell.

Hilary reached her hands out, trying to catch him.

Daichi managed to grab Hilary's hand but that didn't halt his fall, it only dragged Hilary down with him as he hit the ground.

"Ouch." Hilary groaned as she rubbed her head. She felt something warm underneath her. Her eyes flashed open and she moved quickly when she realized the 'warm thing' was Daichi. She tried profusely to hide a blush.

Daichi couldn't speak, his mind in a panic. Hilary was on top of him! He watched as she moved off him and he noticed her blush, his own cheeks flaring as red as his hair.

Hilary stuttered. "Um... er-r s-sorry Daichi..."

Daichi stood up; he couldn't say anything as he stood there gaping. Why was Hilary blushing? It made no sense, while his mind was on the subject, why was he blushing!?

Hilary scrambled to her feet as well. What was with her? Normally she would probably have just let him fall.

Daichi stood there staring. "Um, uh, uh..." Why wasn't his voice working properly? Their wasn't any difference in their connection than with any other of the team, or maybe there was? He didn't know, his head hurt.

Hilary tried to clear her mind. "Well... er... I'll leave you to trip..."

"Er, uh, yeah, training," Daichi said, finally getting his voice to work once more. No! It wasn't possible, he couldn't, no he couldn't... like her? Sure he felt sorry for her because of her dad and understood how she felt, having lost his dad so long ago but no it wasn't possible! He shook his head, trying to clear it.

Hilary's blush finally left her face and she nodded, bowing slightly in good-bye and turning to leave. They were both acting weird today.

"Uh, wait!" Daichi called, his mouth wasn't obeying his thoughts. Why did he call after her? It made no sense.

Hilary turned around a confused look on her face.

"Ya wanna go out for pizza sometime?" Why? He mentally smacked himself as the words came out before his mind could even realize what he had just said.

Hilary looked at him surprise. "Um...sure..." she said uncertain.

"Just cause I haven't seen anyone for awhile!" Daichi said, trying to make an excuse for his actions. "Just, ya know, catch up." He felt his face burn as he debated how much his pride was worth. Maybe he could just slink away.

“Are you... going to the beach this weekend?" she said trying to start a conversation. Her heart sank when he basically said he'd deal with talking to anyone. She just happened to be the first one he found...

"Uh, yeah," he said as he stood there. "I guess I can come."

Hilary nodded and fell silent

"I'll see you there?" Daichi asked as he stood there. He had hurt her feelings again and knew it but what had he done this time?

Hilary nodded with a forced smile still not saying anything.

"I'll be there!" Daichi promised as he glanced at her, his green eyes bright. "You're going to be there, right?"
" of right now," she said biting her lower lip.

"Who else is coming?" Daichi asked curiously.

"Um... as far as I know, Brooklyn, Salima,"

"And you?" Daichi asked quizzically, cocking his head to the side slightly.

"Yeah..." she said blushing, "Me too, otherwise Salima would never go."

"Okay," he grinned broadly as he saw the blush. "Then I'll go."

Hilary smiled despite herself at his statement. "Um... I have to take these groceries home or they'll spoil,” she said awkwardly.

"Uh, yeah," he was confused. Did she want him to come with?

"I can come along if you want... if not I'm...gonna go now..."

"Yeah, I'll come," Daichi almost felt his cheeks burning again but for once it was nice talking to Hilary without them yelling at each other.

Hilary nodded and started walking in the direction of her house, assuming Daichi would follow her.

Daichi hurried and caught up to here, following closely to her side. He was still confused but decided it was best to ignore it.

Hilary looked at him and smiled, slightly swinging her bags, on the other side of her.

Daichi smiled, feeling actually wanted, so different than what he usually felt with the team. Maybe he was wanted? But it still confused him and the silence was getting on his nerves slightly. He hated silence.

Hilary spotted her apartment, that wasn't far from where they had been. She pointed it out to Daichi and proceeded up the steps, digging for her key. When she found it she pushed it into the hole and slid the door opened, cool air hitting them.

Daichi followed her closely, glancing around inside the apartment. It was a lot different than the dojo where he lived with Tyson, for one it was cleaner.

Hilary closed the door behind them and slipped off her shoes, going to the kitchen to put the food away.

Daichi glanced around a bit, having never really gone to anyone's house except for Max's but this was different and really, he didn't know what to do.

Hilary finished quickly, having not bought a lot. Her apartment was small and clean, and quite cozy, it was nothing special... but it was hers and that was all that mattered.

Daichi took his shoes off and stepped in, glancing around he walked into the apartment further. He really didn't know quite what to do.

Hilary ran a hand through her hair and went over to Daichi. "Well...I'm done... we can either go out again or stay here..." she said not noticed that she had unconsciously said 'we'.

"Um, uh," Daichi glanced around a bit nervously. "Let's just stay here," he finally said as he sat down on the couch.

Hilary nodded. "Do you want something to eat or drink?" she asked planning to keep her manners intact.

Daichi's eyes lit up at the mention of food. He was always hungry! "Sure!"

Hilary laughed; he was so much like Tyson. "What do you want?" she asked.

She was asking him what he wanted; he didn't care as long as it was food. "Anything," Daichi said with a huge grin.

Hilary smiled at him before disappearing into the kitchen. She got a soda out that she remembered Daichi liking. She grabbed a water bottle for herself and looked through her fridge. There was cake she had gotten apologizing for her father's bad health and hoping he got well soon. It had a piece or two missing but it was basically new and she knew he wouldn't mind. She grabbed a big and one small piece for herself and balanced them on her arms as she made her way to the living room.

Daichi got up as he saw Hilary coming in and helped with the plates, grabbing them and he glanced down, his eyes lighting up at the sight of food.

Hilary thanked him and sat down on a love seat opposite him.

It didn't take long for Daichi to devour the cake, and polish off the soda Hilary had brought for him, forgetting about any manners, especially since Tyson had constantly told him he had none. Like he was one to talk. "That was good," Daichi said as he threw a cocky grin in Hilary's direction.

Hilary smiled at him and took a sip of her water and took Daichi's dishes and walked off into the kitchen again, leaving her unfinished cake in the fridge. Hilary stayed in there a minute, feeling a bit awkward. They really didn’t have much in common, what was there to talk about? What was she even doing here? With him? Why did she even want him around? He was a brat...right?

Daichi sat in silence as he looked around the apartment, taking in everything about it. When he wasn't at Tyson's he lived on his own in the wild outdoors. It was strange, but not as strange as the fact that his stomach was in knots but he sure he wasn't sick.

Hilary took a deep breath and went back into the living room and sat down, one knee underneath her. She nervously put her hair behind her ear.

"Um, uh is your dad doin okay?" Daichi had no idea what else to say. They couldn't be any more different. The only things that mattered to him were food and beyblading and Hilary didn't even know how to beyblade.

Hilary's face fell slightly but she quickly regained her bright face. "Um...yeah...they think he may be getting better," she lied.

"That's good," Daichi said. He felt happy for her that she still had a family.

Hilary nodded. She didn't want pity today. She didn't want to tell Daichi, of all people that her father was going to die...

Daichi tilted his head to the side. "You ever wanna beyblade?" She had been with the team so long, even before he had and he knew this, he also knew she had helped Kenny out with the beyblades during the world tournament and she had a blading spirit. He guessed there wasn't any reason she couldn't. Then he remembered the time on the bus she had tried to launch hopper and inwardly winced, maybe starting with hopper was a bad idea.

Hilary blushed a little. "I've...always wanted to learn..."

"Uh," Daichi pulled the pouch from his waist and quickly went through the spare parts he had. He managed to put something together from the basic parts and held it out to her. "We could go to the community center or somethin'. They got dishes or stop at a store if you don't wanna use this."

Hilary took it. "It's perfect," she said giving him a huge grin, “Thank you."

Daichi felt his cheeks burn, "uh yeah," he turned his head down. "You're welcome," he muttered.

Hilary shifted in her seat. 'So... you wanna go now...or later? or what?" she asked timidly.

"I uh guess we can go now," Daichi said, his face still down trying to hide the blush.

"Well let's go then," she said excited and grabbed his hand to pull him up.

Daichi stumbled to his feet as Hilary grabbed his hand and led the excited girl out of the apartment. He guessed he had finally done something right.

Hilary locked the door behind her. She was in a good mood for the first time in awhile. It felt nice to have a friend. She felt like doing cartwheels down the street.

Daichi led Hilary to the community center where the team had always trained and opened the door, glad that no one else was there. He turned and grinned at Hilary as he crossed over to one of the dishes.

Hilary watched in curiosity and followed him. She had done things like this many times but she was never the blader.

"You just put the blade in your launcher and pull the rip chord," Daichi said with a shrug. But he knew from experience that it took a long time to finally get it right or even keep it in the dish.

Hilary resisted reminding him that she had been around the Bladebreakers for years. She did as she was told and tried to launch it.

Daichi sat down and watched from the side, knowing he couldn't be of much help. Well, at least there were no hornets, he reminded himself, remembering one of his many early training incidents. He rested on his knees as he watched, his hands itching for some action.

Hilary tried again and again until finally she got it into the dish and spinning, it was a weak spin but a start.

Daichi leaned back and smiled as he watched her try. It was enjoyable to watch some one learn to beyblade for the first time.

Hilary looked back at him and made a face. "Makin' fun of me?" she asked but she was laughing anyway.

"Just rememberin' how hard it was to learn when I did it," Daichi said with a huge grin. It had been hard to learn but it had been well worth it.

Hilary smiled a genuine smile back. She couldn’t help but like him...if only a little...but it was growing more every smile he gave her, it seemed.

Hilary launched again, as hard as she could and looked in wonder and it spun a little more steadily this time.

Daichi got up and crossed over to the practice cones, deciding it would be more interesting to blade himself. He launched his beyblade and watched it closely as it rounded through the tightly set together cones.

Hilary picked up her new blade and sat down, watching Daichi.... er...his blade! Of course! Not him, she thought blushing furiously.

Daichi hadn't even noticed the blush as he stood there, his blade easily pealing through each area and then turning back towards him, knocking each cone across the room with the impacts. The last one split in two and hit the walls on opposite sides of the room as he caught his blade.

Hilary grinned. She hoped one day she could do that... She hoped that by beyblading maybe she would become closer to Daichi, she didn't know when this want had found a place inside her but she knew it was there.

"Huh?" Daichi said as he turned and saw Hilary watching him, or his blade, or both. He grinned back at her as he stood there.

Hilary got up but ended up falling on her butt. She squeezed her eyes in pain and embarrassment. She held her skirt, hoping it hadn't gone up or anything.

Daichi stepped next to her and offered her his hand. It was only fair since she had tried to keep him from falling that time.

She opened her eyes and took his hand gratefully and brushed herself off.

Daichi pulled her to her feet, a huge grin plastered across his face. He had enjoyed himself, much to his surprise. Maybe he should come back to stay in town from his training trip.

Hilary hugged him. "Thank you, Daichi."

Daichi's cheeks turned red at the hug. "Uh, yeah," he said as he hugged her back.

Hilary broke the hug, not sure what to say after that.

Daichi wasn't quite sure why he did exactly what he did next as he lowered his head and pressed his lips against Hilary's, fully expecting her to smack him.

Hilary's eyes widened in shock. Daichi... kissing her? Where did this come from? And ...why did she like it? She had never been kissed before but...for some the idea of kissing Daichi wasn't so bad, maybe even ideal. She pressed her lips back, afraid that maybe this was a mistake, that he didn't mean that, if she gave him her heart he'd just laugh at it, say he wasn't serious, just wanted to see what she would do. She didn't take many chances but she deepened the kiss anyway...

Daichi's mind was in a panic as Hilary deepened the kiss, maybe this was right, and his body seemed to think so as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Everything seemed to lead to this moment, even their problems when he had first joined the team. He had been younger then but now it seemed that this was the right path to take.

Hilary wrapped her arms around Daichi's neck. She let him hold her and welcomed the warmth of his arms. A year ago she would have never thought she'd be where she was right now, it was like...strange and beautiful at the same time.

Daichi broke for a breath and stood there, his green eyes locked on Hilary's, his arms wrapped tightly around his waist. His heart was beating quickly as he held her.

Hilary looked at him in wonder. She still couldn't believe this was happening. She looked into his eyes to find a trace of anything, was this a mistake? Was he just joking? Did he mean it? Will he pretend today never happened? Should I trust him...with my heart? Something I’ve never done for anyone before?

Daichi bit his lips, slightly nervous. He didn't know Hilary well enough to know how she would react and Tyson would surely laugh at him but suddenly it didn't matter all that much. He felt comfortable, and happy, something he hadn't felt outside of beyblading in a long time.

Hilary closed her eyes shut before slowly opening them again. She looked at him a moment before asking in a timid voice," Can I...kiss you again?"

Could they kiss again? He definitely wouldn't mind if they did. "Yes," Daichi answered her timid question.

Hilary brought her lips to his this time, her lips just as timid as her question.

Daichi lowered his head and pressed against the timid lips, his strong arms holding Hilary closely, if for no other reason than to make sure this was real and not just some dream. No, it seemed reality was much more stranger and nicer than dreams.

Hilary felt safe with him, in his arms, blending in with him. He held her like he was afraid to let her go and she was afraid that if he did she might disappear, forever. For once in a long time she didn't think about her father, or lack of real friends or where she might belong in the world. All she could think about was here and now. For once she wasn't planning ahead, there was no place for precaution.

Daichi pressed deeply into the kiss, not wanting this to end. It wasn't awkward or unfamiliar, but safe and familiar.

Timid again, Hilary's tongue lightly asked if she could enter Daichi's mouth, not sure if he'd oblige.

Daichi parted his lips slightly as he felt Hilary's tongue brushing against his lips, his eyes closed, only feeling now, feeling Hilary against him.

Hilary's tongue entered Daichi's mouth, tasting him. She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, making her closer to him, if possible.

Daichi brushed his tongue against Hilary's shuddering slightly at the pleasure that the simple touch course through his body. He had never done anything like this before but that just meant he was willing to learn as he felt Hilary pressing against his body.

Hilary's heart was beating faster than she ever thought possible. Out of habit her mind started going over all the things that could go wrong until she shut it down, only feeling, not thinking.

Daichi let his tongue tangle around Hilary's as he felt all conscious thought goes out the window. Act first; deal with the consequences later had always been how he bladed, and lived life so that was just what he did.

Hilary pulled away slightly. There was just something she had to know, despite the fact that she might not want to hear the answer. "Daichi..."the name was foreign on her lips, not like she'd ever said it before, "Tell me...will you regret this in the morning?"

Would he regret this? No, he wouldn't regret it, wouldn't trade this for anything, no matter how much Tyson may laugh. Daichi shook his head as he stood there. "No."

Hilary nodded and a smile graced her lips unconsciously.

Daichi still couldn't think of what repercussions this was sure to have as he held Hilary in his arms. Whatever they were they suddenly didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was what they had just shared.

Hilary closed her eyes again and leaned her head against his shoulder, taking in his scent.

Daichi felt Hilary lean against him as one hand traveled up and down her spine, the other still wrapped around her waist.

Hilary shivered slightly at his touch, but not badly so. She never wanted him to let her go. She hadn't felt safe in so long, felt relaxed.

He just stood there, holding her, nothing getting in the way of that as he listened to her breathe.

Hilary took his arm off her waist, making sure she could stand on her own, and kissed the back of his hand and hugged it to her, placing his palm on her cheek.

Daichi brushed his hand softly over Hilary's cheek, holding it gently, feeling the warmth against his palm.

Hilary nuzzled against his touch, her heart leaping into her throat.

Daichi brushed his calloused fingers across her smooth face gently.

Hilary pulled his fingers to her lips and kissed them in gratitude.

Daichi gave a smile as he felt Hilary's lips upon his fingers. The soft kisses caused the smile to widen some as he felt her against him.

Hilary put her hands on his chest; sending butterfly kisses up his neck.

Daichi shuddered slightly at the touches on his body.

Hilary continued and rested to suck on his jawbone.

Daichi moaned slightly as he felt Hilary's mouth on his skin. This was certainly new to him but the feelings of pleasure ran through his body just the same.

Hilary wrapped her arms around his waist and brought him slowly closer to her again.

Daichi held her close against his chest as the fingers of one hand ran through her hair, the other arm wrapped around her back.

Hilary moved into his hands and brushed her own against his back, slightly raising his shirt. Her teeth nibbled lightly on his earlobe and then went back to trailing kisses on his neck.

Daichi leaned into the kisses on his neck as his hands moved slowly over Hilary's body, feeling every inch through the clothing.

Hilary moaned softly at his touch and moved upward, capturing his mouth with hers again.

Daichi pressed hard into the kiss, loving the feel and wanting to ravish her in this public place but knew he couldn't, not yet at least, his hands continuing to move, one hand resting on the small of her back while the other traveled downwards.

Hilary arched into his body. Somewhere in another dimension she heard her cell phone ring but she slipped her hand into her back pocket and switched it off. Nothing was worth breaking the connection.

Daichi let a small moan into the kiss as Hilary arched against him, feeling her against him through the fabric of his clothing.

Hilary backed away from him, breaking the kiss. "," she said at a lost of words. "Um...Daichi I don't think we should be doing this, in you know what I's just...weird...or something..." she said stumbling over her words.

"Yeah, I think you're right." What if they got caught? But he didn't want this to end so soon but the community center was a very public place. Anybody could walk in.

Hilary was so glad he agreed but she wasn't exactly sure she should just 'ask' if he wanted to go to her apartment. It wasn't that she didn't want to or wouldn't go; she just didn't want to sound desperate.

"Where should we go?" Daichi asked, glancing around as he stood beside Hilary. There weren't many places to be alone, seeing as he lived with Tyson and being alone was exactly what he wanted, he just hoped it was also what Hilary wanted, or else things might get out of hand.

Hilary took his hand and led him out. "Let's go to my place,” she said smiling cheerily. She knew the only person that had the key or ever went there was her father and currently he wasn't in the condition to go anywhere.

"Okay," Daichi nodded as he followed Hilary, his hand in hers. He had never imagined they would be touching like this and actually feel comfortable with it but life had taken a strange turn and he liked it.

Hilary walked in front of him but turned around and smiled at him, walking backwards before she turned back around. She thought about it for a second and realized she was flirting but she wasn't sure she minded. It just felt natural now.

Slightly nervously Daichi caught up to her and placed an arm around her waist. From here on in he guessed it would be a game to find out what the other liked, strangers turned lovers.

Hilary leaned her head against his shoulder as they walked. Her apartment was in the middle of everywhere so no matter where you went; her house wasn't far from it. She could already see it from where they were. She was surprised at how hyper she was, so giddy. She cast an evil gaze at him before smiling and running off. "Race up!" she said running off some energy.

"Race?" He took the steps several at a time. He may had grown up quite a bit in the past several years but that didn't mean he had lost any energy as he caught up to Hilary.

Hilary laughed as he caught up ran into her house, collapsing on the couch, catching her breath, having run as fast as she could.

Daichi came behind her and grabbed her around the waist, not tired himself.

Hilary smiled at his arm and put her own on top of it.

Daichi kissed Hilary's neck softly as he slid onto the couch behind her, holding her close.

Hilary sighed contently. She loved the way that he always seemed to want to hold her against him, like he might lose her at any moment if he let go. She felt like she was wanted.

Daichi was breathing evenly as he held Hilary against him, pressing soft kisses to her neck as he sat there.

Hilary moved her head, giving him more access, her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly.

Daichi rested against her back, relaxed as he held her close, his breathing easy.

Hilary didn’t know what to do but honestly she didn't really want to do anything. She just didn't know what she wanted anymore...except this, she knew she wanted this...or rather...him.

Daichi held Hilary, his arms resting around her waist as he softly kissed Hilary's cheek.

Hilary wiggled until she had turned around in his arms. She wanted to look at him.

Daichi laid back holding Hilary in his arms, green eyes focused on her as he felt her warm body against his and wanted more.

Hilary let him hold her. She knew she'd go in any direction he led her. She was comfortable with him, trusted him, something she hadn't realized before,

Daichi kissed her, his hands moving over her body, as if questioning how far she wanted to go.

Hilary guided his hands for second, telling him silently that it was fine. She had never been touched like this, wanted in such a way and it exhilarated her.

Daichi moved his hands over her body, one hand on her hip as his other hand brushed across her leg.

Hilary hitched a leg up, putting it on Daichi's hip, stretching her skirt.

Daichi slid his hand over the smooth leg, up as he pressed against Hilary, moving his other hand from her hip up under her skirt.

Hilary shivered at the touch and ran her hands up Daichi's shirt, feeling his hard chest.

Daichi stroked Hilary's inner thighs gently as he felt her hands against his body once more. He hadn't imagined it feeling so good but it did.

Hilary moaned lightly. Her thighs tightened around the hand reflexively. She loved his touch. She moved him slightly, taking off his shirt and noticed that his hands went right back to where they had been. She didn't want to just feel him; she wanted to see him.

Sweat dripped down Daichi's chest as he reached behind Hilary and slid her skirt down over her hips, his hands running across her stomach.

Hilary gasped slightly as she felt her skirt slid down her legs, exposing her underwear. She'd never felt so vulnerable.

Daichi kissed her as he wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to him, his other hand running over her hip.

Her arms had gone to her sides, unless. She loved how he pulled her as close as possible. She kissed him back, with hunger and wrapping her fingers in his hair.

Daichi pulled her close to his body, wanting to be touched as he slid his hand down her legs.

Her hands went to massaging his chest and playing with his nipples. She bit his lower lip lightly, tugging on it.

Daichi moaned as he felt the teeth on his lip and the hands on his body. His hands slid underneath Hilary's shirt running over her smooth skin.

Hilary felt the cool hands under her shirt and helped Daichi take it off. Feeling strange on her couch, in only a bra and panties. Hilary put light kisses all over Daichi's chest.

Daichi's fingers traced over Hilary's body, running them gently over her ribs. His fingers touched the skin gently as his breathing sped up with each kiss she pressed to his bare skin, his heart pounding from the pleasure she was showing him.

Hilary's lips rested where his heart was. She could feel it beating just as fast as hers. Her hands slid down to the start of his pants looping one finger in a belt loop while the other hand trailed lazily on the skin right above.

Daichi ran his fingers through Hilary's hair as his other hand ran down her arm, moving along it.

Hilary's hand left his belt loop and went up to his arm, that had been stroking her, twirling their arms together and brought them above their heads. Her other one ran down his leg, through the fabric, massaging it and running over his butt and up to his back.

Daichi arched into Hilary's touch, his hand essentially pinned above him. He pressed against her, bringing skin into contact with skin.

She could feel his chest against her stomach and bra. Her stomach sucked in on impact and her heart fluttered. She had never been so close to a person. She stopped kissing him, caught up in it all.

Daichi run his fingers down her belly, starting just below her bra and ending above the elastic of her underwear.

Hilary's eyes fluttered at his light touch. He was teasing her she was sure.

He pressed a kiss to her collarbone as he ran his fingers gently over her abdomen.

Hilary arched towards him. He had so much control over her... She slipped her hands into his pants, cupping his butt through his boxers.

Daichi moaned at the feeling of Hilary's hands touching him, driving him over the edge, drop of sweat dripping down his face as he caught her lips in a fierce kiss.

Hilary's hands pulled out as she cupped Daichi's face, battling tongues for domination.

Daichi's tongue rubbed against Hilary's doing everything he could to hold his dominate position even as his body shuddered in pleasure from each touch.

Hilary rubbed her hands up and down his sides. She slowly worked on unbuttoning his pants.

Daichi pressed his lips hard against hers, his tongue tangling with hers as his hands brushed over the fabric of her bra.

Hilary finished with his pants, slowly and gently slid them down to his knees.

Daichi reached down and slid his hand into her panties, reaching between her legs and stroked her clit.

Hilary moaned and moved closer to him, to his hand as well.

Daichi rubbed the soft nub of wet flesh between his fingers as he kicked his pants loose, letting them drop to the ground with the rest of their discarded clothes as he pressed his lower body against Hilary's abdomen.

Hilary moaned; she could feel him through his boxers. She trailed kisses around his belly button.

Daichi growled slightly from the pleasure as he reached towards Hilary's back with his other hand and fumbled with the hooks of her bra.

Hilary felt her bra unlatch and fall. She basically naked now apart from her underwear but Daichi had already penetrated that. She snaked the kisses higher, teasing him and not yet removing his boxers.

Daichi kissed the soft globes of flesh. Two could play the teasing game even though the need to be touch and feel his release overwhelmed him. He took a pert nipple in between his lips and sucked softly on it.

Hilary moaned loudly at the sensation, finding herself unable to do anything. Her mind was blinded by pleasure and the fact that she knew it could go so much farther.

Daichi's tongue ran over the hard nipple before pulling away, his teeth grazing it softly as he turned his attention to the other one, his tongue coming out and stroking it gently.

Hilary moaned again. What was he doing to her? Since when did something have more control over her than she did? And why was that fact so appeasing?

Daichi's tongue continued stroking the hard rosy flesh between his lips, wanting release himself as he reached over and rubbed his fingers over her breasts, massaging the soft flesh gently.

Hilary wrapped her arms around his waist, her head falling back in lust.

Daichi pulled his lips away from Hilary's nipple and placed kisses on her breasts as he ground his hips slightly against hers.

Hilary moaned. He was teasing her wasn't he? But she didn't care. As far as she was concerned they had all the time in the world.

Daichi stroked Hilary's body as she lay beneath him, bare beneath his eyes as his fingers hooked underneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.

Hilary's hand grazed his erection through his boxers as he made her completely naked.
She could feel him losing control.

Daichi pressed against her as he felt the touch on his cock. He arched, moaning at the feel of it, his control teetering on the edge.

Hilary suddenly became aware of every contact between them, her senses heightened immensely.

Daichi could feel the heat every time their skin came in contact, burning his senses as his hands stroked Hilary's body, needing release so badly.

Hilary played wit the top of his shorts, pulling them out and back in. She lowered them inch-by-inch, taking her time in everything she did.

Daichi was panting as he craved for this to move faster, needing it more than he had ever needed anything he could remember. He moaned as he seized Hilary's lips.

Hilary kissed him heatedly as she pulled his boxers down the rest of the way, lightly pinching and stroking his skin. Her fingers casually bushed against his member, flesh on flesh, feeling the heat coming from it.

Daichi gasped as he felt the touch on his hard cock arching towards it, wanting more.

Hilary felt his need and stroked it lightly, inexperienced but for some reason, knowing what to do.

Natural instinct took over and Daichi thrusted against her hand, moaning as he felt the touch.

Hilary took his lead until she let go, pulling herself until she was straddling him, right above his sensitive area, his cock barely touching her soft folds.

Daichi felt his cock brush against Hilary's soft skin. Rubbing slightly against it as his eyes locked with hers, silently wondering if she was ready for this, if she wanted it as badly as he did.

Hilary nodded slightly to him, placing his hands on her hips.

Daichi flipped them over, straddling her body as he nudged her legs apart and kissing her deeply.

Hilary had always heard losing your virginity hurt and to be honest she was a little scared but she obliged, spreading her legs apart, giving him access.

Daichi held her tight as he slowly pushed his cock into Hilary's body, stopping as he felt the tip of his member press against the tendon inside her entrance.

Hilary's body arched. Her arms wrapped under his armpits and hands rested on his shoulders, bracing herself. She squeezed her eyes shut. It was amazing to feel him inside of her.

Daichi pressed harder inside her body, feeling the tendon snap as he pushed the rest of the way inside Hilary's body. His chest heaving as he felt her breath on his face, so physically close, closer than he had been to anyone, ever.

Hilary's body shuddered with pain. It was like a solution in chemistry class. The pain equaled the pleasure. She bit her lower lip to hold back a scream, breaking skin, blood slowly forming on her lip.

Daichi pressed a fierce and passionate kiss to Hilary's lips as he slowly began his thrusts, moving in a steady pattern, pulling nearly out, only to steadily thrust in again.

Hilary's grip on him tightened. She shuddered and started to move her hips to his rhythm. She kissed him back, a distraction from the pain.

His tongue forced its way into Hilary's mouth tangling with hers as the pace of his thrusting picked up a little, meeting her movements.

Hilary moaned against his mouth and tangled her hands into his hair. She could feel herself getting tighter. She broke the kiss, her lips hovering over Daichi's as his name escaped her in the form of another moan. "...Daichi..."

"So hot, so tight," he muttered as he drove again into Hilary's tight entrance, feeling the muscles around his cock, pushing him further and further off the edge.

Her body shuddered. It was amazing to her that she could trust a man so much.

Daichi gasped as he felt himself release into Hilary's body, feeling the hard spray exiting his body as sweat glistened on his skin.

Hilary's body grew stiff, feeling him release into her. She felt the foreign feeling of her release as well. Her breathing grew heavy and labored.

Daichi slowly pulled out of her body, his body exhausted as he stared down at her, his chest heaving with every breath as he did so.

Hilary looked back at him, completely worn out, lying motionless on the couch.

Daichi collapsed beside her, nestling against her, the sweat coating their bodies.

Hilary wrapped her arms around him. She buried her head into his chest. She just wanted to hold him and be held by him. She closed her eyes, her mind pleasantly blank.

Daichi held Hilary closely, listening to her breathe beside him. This was much funner than practicing, he decided, wondering just long he could stay there.

Hilary shifted and moved, placing a tired kiss on his lips.

Daichi ran a hand through her hair, his other arm wrapped around her, holding her tight against him.

She could feel their two naked bodies pressed against each other. She wasn't sure what to say. What was there to say? She decided she would stay silent. She didn't want to ruin the moment or make a fool of herself, something she felt she often did. She couldn't take that chance right now. She hadn't been so happy in such a long time.
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