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Okay, I have three RPs here.

RP #1-Salima/Brooklyn

Salima knocked timidly on the door. This was the room the nurse had said was Brooklyn's.

Brooklyn glanced up from his bed as he heard the knock. It had been awhile since he had seen anyone but the doctors and nurses. "Come in!"

Salima walked in shyly, a slight blush on her face. Maybe she...shouldn't be there.

Brooklyn glanced up and smiled as he saw Salima. Finally, he had some one to talk to. Finally there was noise besides Horus' squawking to be fed.

Salima stood at the end of his bed and gave a small smile. She held the Tiger Lilies she had bought for him behind her back and stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

"Hey," Brooklyn smiled at her. "It's nice to have visitors. I had thought everyone had forgotten about me," he laughed nervously as he glanced down.

Salima cleared her throat uncomfortably, remembering why he was here. "No one's forgotten about you..." she said with her eyes downcast, not having the nerve to look him in the eye.

"Well at least it's summer time, imagine if I had to catch up on school work." He knew he was rambling but he had to cover the uncomfortable silence. He missed being with everyone, even practice, now that he was stuck in this room, unable to even go outside on his own. And he missed Garland and Aphrodite.

Salima pulled out the flowers from her back and held them out to him. "" she said slightly stuttering.

"Thanks," Brooklyn said as he took them from her with his good hand. "How has Aphrodite been?"

"Flustered, she's very upset that I'm taking care of her instead of you but she's stopped fussing so much, just makes sure to demonstrate her dislike of the situation from time to time."

"Good," Brooklyn said sadly. He missed his small friend but it was for the best. He had no idea how she would react to Horus.

Salima reached towards her purple side bag and opened it. Two small heads (though not as small as they had been) popped out, mewing. "I had to sneak them in here," she said smiling.

Brooklyn looked up and smiled at the kittens, smiling as he reached out with one arm and tentatively touching them after putting the flowers on his bedside table.

Salima pulled one out and then the other, carefully handing them to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn pet them easily as they played on the covers of his bed. It had been so long since he had last been outside and since Horus was just hatched he still was wary and ornologists were brought in to take care of him because the doctors didn't want him to.

"So..." Salima said quietly as she looked around. She'd been in a room like this before and had been in Brooklyn's position as well.

Brooklyn glanced up for a moment, a blush creeping up his cheeks. "Salima, do you think you could, uh take me outside. The nurses are too busy to," his voice halted as he stared at the floor again. He missed Garland. He hadn't seen him in a while and just assumed he was too busy with work. He shouldn't need to spend all the time with him.

Salima's eyes widened, having not expected it, then she nodded. "Er...sure."

Brooklyn managed to get to his feet, the IVs finally having been pulled from his arms and stumbled slightly with each step, having not recently used his feet very much. He stretched slightly in his yellow t-shirt, the same shirt he always wore under his long white shirt. "Thanks," he said, the blush not disappearing.

Salima scooped up the kittens and put them in her bags, and followed Brooklyn. She couldn't think of anything to say. She didn't want to talk about that night and she certainly couldn't tell him that after she got home she broke down and started on pills again, desperate for sleep and that she took so many that she was probably close to ODing and ending up in a bed next to him.

Brooklyn smiled as soon as the light hit his face. The sun against his skin felt good when he felt the warmth. It had been so long since he was out in it. He breathed in the fresh air, his smile growing larger.

Salima watched him from behind, standing in the shadows. She'd rather be ignored, she thought, as she often was. She was always great at writing but when it came to talking she never had the words. And anyway...what are you supposed to say to someone that's in the hospital for a suicide attempt...much less when you're the one who found him?

Brooklyn was in a moment of pure joy, being outside once more. It had just been too long, he realized as he glanced around and a small dove landed on his finger. The animals had always trusted him and it felt good to be with them again.

Salima sat down in the cool shade and watched him as Arturious impatiently nudged her hand.

Brooklyn sat down beside Salima and the dove flew off as he lay against the grass, dangling the fingers of his good hand down and letting the kittens play with them.

Salima eyed his bandaged hand but then looked away, intent on not looking at him.

"Thanks for wasting your time and coming to see me," Brooklyn said in a low tone as the grass brushed across his cheek.

"I would call it 'wasting' but you're welcome," she said absently. It took all her nerve to come at all. She had been secretly hoping he had been sleeping when she came.

"Well, thanks anyway. It's kinda boring being alone." Brooklyn rolled over to his side, propping himself up on his good elbow.

Salima let out a sound that sounded like 'mhmmm'

Brooklyn blushed, not wanting to ask Salima for another favor. "Do you think you could pick me up some things from a beyblade supply shop? I have the money. Nevermind... I'm sorry, forget I even asked."

Salima looked at him. "What do you want? It's not far from here...I don't have anything to do yet today, just going to Kane's today...other than that I'm free for the afternoon, just give me a list."

"Thanks, here," he handed her the list and the money to pay for the items. He needed to get to work on a new beyblade, now that Zeus was hopefully destroyed.

Salima nodded and took them.

"I guess I'll let you go," Brooklyn whispered as he struggled to his feet and headed back towards the hospital. He hated being such a nuisance to everyone.

Salima went. As she walked into the store she looked around then at the paper. She gathered the items and paid. Next door she saw a convenience store and bought some sweets for Brooklyn and headed back to the hospital.

Brooklyn sat up in the bed, staring out the window. There were so many things to think about, so many things that had happened.

Salima knocked again and peered inside, bags in her hands.

Brooklyn turned towards her, glancing at her. "Thanks," he said as he reached out for the bag.

Salima nodded. "Well...I guess I'll leave you to working on your beyblade?"

Brooklyn nodded. "Thanks for everything Salima," he said as he held the bags in his hand.

"Yeah...anytime." she said smiling, still feeling awkward around him.

Brooklyn dumped the items out onto the bed covers and began fiddling with them as he drifted off into his own world.

Salima nodded to herself and left, closing the door quietly behind her.

RP #2- Hilary/Daichi

Daichi walked down the street, humming slightly to himself. He had been in an extremely good mood since he had started dating Hilary. He even got in less fights with Tyson. But something was wrong with Hilary. He could feel it.

Hilary walked hurriedly to the hospital. She wasn't looking forward to this visit, as she often didn't. Every time she was met with a tired looking nurse telling her that her father's condition was getting worse. She hitched her purse higher on her shoulder. She knew the path by heart and everyone knew her there too.

Daichi yawned as he stuck his hands in his pocket, catching a glimpse of his girlfriend hurrying down the road. He frowned for a moment as he stood there.

Hilary reached the hospital with a relieved sigh and pushed the door opened, half-heartedly returning a 'hello' to a nurse as she walked by.

Daichi frowned for a moment as he watched Hilary enter the hospital. For a moment he thought that she could just be visiting the blader from school that had been hospitalized then he remembered that Brooklyn was at a hospital on the other side of town.

Hilary looked at the wall of room lists on the main bulletin boards. She traced her finger over it until she reached Richard Hiromi. He was still in same room... that's good she thought... and.. still open for visiting that's good too she thought then signed the guest book nearby, her neat signature slightly ascure, caused by her slightly shaking hand. She withdrew her hand quickly, noticing it and shoved it in her pocket and headed up to the highly familiar room.

Daichi yawned as he leaned against the wall. He decided to wait for her to come out and then ask. Maybe she was just visiting her father but he saw the way she scurried inside. It made him wonder.

Hilary reached her father's door and then took a deep breath and tentatively opened the door, hearing it creak. She looked around the room. "Hello, Father."

Daichi decided he would wait inside. He headed in and glanced at the nurse. "Do you know where a girl named Hilary went?" After listening to the directions and headed upstairs, sitting on a bench a little ways down the hallways from where Hilary went in.

Hilary talked to him as if he could hear her. She knew he couldn't. She looked at his closed eyes with sadness, trailing to the machines and then back to his sickly pale skin. She gulped and re-arranged the flowers that she had sent earlier.

Outside of the room Daichi checked his watch, wondering how long Hilary would be. He had some questions to ask and he be damned if they weren't answered.

Hilary couldn't stand to be in the room anymore. Normally she forced herself to stay longer but she couldn't. She read the note left by a nurse and pocketed it before saying good-bye to her father and leaving the room, walking away quickly, with her head down in thought. She never noticed Daichi and had gone the opposite way.

Daichi stood and cleared his throat to get her attention, seeing how upset she looked. He hated being kept in the dark.

When Hilary heard a noise behind her she began to run, desperate to get out of the place that smelled like medicine and insanity.

Daichi ran after her, her long legs letting him gain easily on her and quickly caught up, grabbing her arm.

Hilary turned to him in shock, her eyes wide in horror.

"Why are you here?" Daichi demanded to know. If her father was making a recovery there was no reason for her to be upset, or was there? Either way he was sick and tired of the truth being hidden from him.

"" she said with an effort

"Then why are you in such a hurry? Don't ya think you should introduce me? Or are you somehow scared to tell your dad that you're dating." The way her voice halted, Daichi knew it was a lie.

Hilary choked slightly as his words sank in. "Um...h-he's...sleeping...."

Daichi had had enough of this lying and later knew he would regret what he had done as he slammed one hand against the wall on one side of Hilary's head. "Damn it Hilary! Tell me the truth! You're not the only one who's dealt with pain!" He was enraged, to put it simply, and sick and tired of being treated like a kid, even by other's his age. So what if he could be a bit immature at times but what so many didn't know was his immaturity had only been to hide the pain that ate away at his heart. And he had grown up; he had grown up so much in the past several years that some wouldn't even recognize him if they compared what he was now to the kid he had been so long ago.

Hilary's arms went in front of her chest and her hands in front of her mouth. Her eyes welled up with tears at his anger, having occurred at the wrong time, on top of her discomfort. He was the last person she was expecting to run into her.

Daichi dropped his hands down, turning away, his whole body shaking with rage. He was sick and tired of being lied to all the time and she was no better than anyone else. Why had he given her everything just to be treated this way once more?

Hilary slid down the wall, crying quietly, her face buried in her knees.

Daichi shoved his hands in his pockets and turned away. He headed towards the steps, not wanting to talk to Hilary at the moment.

"He's dying, alright? He's dying...he's dying...he's dying…" she said barely loud enough for him to hear. She said it over and over in an almost hysterical voice.

"You think you're the only one that knows what it's like!" Daichi's breathing was heavy as he yelled. He wasn't in the mood to be calm and reasonable. People died all the time. You just pick up and move one, or at least that had been his ideal. He had been barely seven at the time that he had watched his father crushed to death by logs. Three months after that he had been forced to watch as his mother hung herself in grief. The nightmarish images still haunted his mind.

Hilary's hands flew from her face and angry tears went down her face. "I said no such thing!"

Daichi snarled slightly as he stared towards her. "Then why couldn't you just tell me!"

"...I didn't want to tell anyone, okay? It was too... too definite. Like sealing a deal! Saying it out loud---look... I--I wanted hold on to any hope I had. So I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings!" She said with hate, her eyes welling up again.

Daichi turned, the door to the steps slamming shut behind him. It didn't hurt that she didn't tell him that he was dying but the lies did hurt.

Hilary flung her purse on the floor in frustration and fell sideways, laying on the floor, knees clutched to her chest, in a fetal position.

Daichi finally let the rage drain him, leaving him worn out as soon as he hit the pavement. Everyday things just seemed to get more and more complicated and it appeared that Hilary was the source of those complications. Maybe he had made a mistake...

Hilary stood, up grabbing her purse and went off towards home. The air conditioning hit her face as she opened the door. She looked in a mirror as walked by and wiped her tears dry again. She looked outside and decided, changing in workout clothes. She went on her porch and onto the street and started to run, as fast as she could.

Daichi stood in the park, his beyblade slicing at trees with aggressiveness, knocking down branches as he kept his eyes on it. He was sick and tired of this. She always made him feel guilty about things that weren't his fault.

Hilary's feet hit the pavement in rhythm left right left right left right. She was thinking too fast. Daichi... boyfriend... beyblade... father... hospital... death... running... tears... virginity... fight...

Daichi saw the sparks flying from his beyblade as he caught it. He held it tightly in his hand as he heard pounding steps behind him but dismissed it as just a runner. They came through all the time.

Hilary's eyes were clouded over. She ran into someone, falling backward on her butt, the person being heavier than she was. She winced and rubbed her butt, opening one eye to see whom she had run into to.

Daichi felt Strata Dragoon drop from his hand as he felt the impact against his back. He turned to ream the person out but then saw that it was Hilary and decided it was wiser to keep his mouth shut for the moment. Not that he always did the wiser thing.

Hilary looked up at him like a small scared child, no longer the stubborn girl she had always seemed to be.

He stood there, arms crossed with his shooter in one hand and his beyblade standing still next to his foot.

Hilary sniffed as if holding back a sob. "Right… um...sorry." she said getting up with difficulty.

"For what?" He asked as he stood there. Was she sorry for running into him or sorry for lying to him, or was she sorry about the explosion between the two of them at the hospital?

"Um... running into you… I mean...Um...well...I better get going..." she said nervous.

Daichi shook his head as he stood there. He was tired of all this circling around for the day.

Hilary looked at him but didn't move.

Daichi stood there, watching her. Guiltiness ate away at his heart and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close, finally no longer able to stand this.

Hilary cried softly against him, not sure what to say and even if she would be able to produce a full sentence

Daichi held Hilary close to his chest, running his hand through her hair and trying to comfort her.

Hilary grew silent let herself be held. "I'm sorry...." she said tiredly.

"It's my fault," Daichi whispered as he rested his chin against Hilary, holding her tight, realizing he couldn't live without her.

She looked at him and placed a kiss on his cheek. "Never say that again," she whispered to him. “I love you.”

Daichi just clamped his mouth shut, figuring this would be a stupid time to argue and just held her as his heart rejoiced at hearing her words.

RP #3-Hilary/Daichi WARNING: NC-17!

Daichi stretched as he headed towards Hilary's apartment. It seemed he was there so often he practically lived there. It had gotten to the point where Tyson had been urging him to move out, pointing out that he hardly was home anymore anyways. He walked in without even knocking, having gotten comfortable there, and wondered why Hilary had been so insistent on him coming over so quickly.

Hilary pinned him to a wall as soon as he entered, giggling.

Daichi lowered his head, catching her lips in a fierce kiss as he grasped her hips, pulling her body against his. If playing was what she wanted he was ready to play.

Hilary led him to the bedroom. She instructed him to undress and herself, stood by the bed, smirking. "I have a game...for you, a challenge.”

A challenge?" Well, he never turned down a challenge, no matter what it entailed. He grinned as he slowly began pulling off his clothes, making sure to give Hilary an enticing show.

Hilary grinned back at him mischief in her eyes. She stripped down as well, knowing this would make it all the more difficult too.

Daichi finally dropped his boxers, his last piece of clothing, to the floor, his eyes scanning Hilary's body appreciatively.

Hilary pointed to the bed, telling him to lie down.

Daichi followed the orders, stretching his bare body across the mattress. He didn't like taking orders but by the gleam in Hilary's eyes this promised to be fun.

Hilary pulled herself over him, looking down. She kissed his neck heatedly. She wanted to get him aroused first...

A moan escaped from Daichi's lips as he arched upwards, bringing their bodies into contact, every touch arousing him more and more as he touched her skin.

Hilary pulled away. "I want to be able to say I've touched every inch of you," she said seductively. She pinned his arms straight away from his body. "You are not allowed to touch any part of yourself...or me, in any manner and you must hold still, unless I move you."

Daichi gave a slight pout but held still anyways. He wasn't about to start turning down challenges. It would ruin his reputation.

Hilary smiled at his stubborn look and her fingers began tracing and teasing the skin on his neck.

Daichi struggled to stay still as he felt the fingers on his body. At the moment it wasn't impossible.

Hilary then went to his arms and grazed over his muscles and momentarily locked fingers with his but released it nevertheless.

Daichi felt his muscles twitch slightly against the touch and felt Hilary's fingers locked with his, almost begging to move his hand but in the end he was dismayed that she didn't.

Hilary felt him twitch and resisted the urge to giggle. Her hands moved onward to chest, making circles on it and caressing the hard surface with much attention.

Daichi set his jaw in a stubborn expression, feeling his cock harden more and more with Hilary's closeness.

Hilary's hands went down and just as she felt Daichi anticipate where they would go, she cruelly changed her course, traveling down his legs her own brushing with his.

Daichi groaned with each movement but still he stubbornly kept his body still, taking a few deep breaths, desperately trying to quell his aching libido.

Hilary grinned and had an innocent look in her eyes. She spread his legs slowly and she could see, almost painfully for him.

Daichi gasped as he felt her hands on his legs, spreading them as he arched against the mattress, careful not to move too much or touch her.

Hilary trailed light kisses down his chest as she caressed, with light fingers against his inner thighs, careful not to touch his member.

Hilary touched every sensitive area, it seemed, but his cock. She placed light kisses on his inner thighs, barely there.

Daichi groaned, his breathing short as his mind screamed at him to do something, wanting it, needing it more than anything.

She finally touched him. Her hands tickled the now hard outsides and she kissed his shaft, now neglecting the tip that glistened.

Daichi moaned as he felt her lips on him. He wanted to move, had to as he arched against the bed, trying to hold on his last strands of control.

Her tongue swirled around him, working wonders. She decided to be even more unfair and pressed her folds against his throbbing cock, letting him feel her wetness. Her legs sprawled over his, spread-eagled. She moaned as she put more pressure on his penis.

Daichi's hands twitched slightly as he felt Hilary's wetness against him. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer.

Hilary moved away. Two fingers disappeared inside her, thrusting in and out in rhythm. She started stroking Daichi in the same rhythm, pretending it was him inside her.

His muscles shook with the strain from trying to hold them still and loud moan escaping from his lips as he watched Hilary. He needed to be in her so badly.

She thrusted into herself faster and began to thrust Daichi into her hand as well.

Daichi gasped with every movement she took, his spine arching up, pressing into her hand.

Her hands released both of them and pressed down on his chest. "No moving," she whispered smiling.

A slight growl escaped from Daichi's lips. It was getting harder and harder to hold still.

"Difficult... isn't it?"

"I'd like to see you do any better," he bit out, his eyes flickering to Hilary.

Hilary's eyes lit up at the challenge. "You'd be surprised at my restraint."

Daichi snarled slightly, wanting to be touched so badly. He wanted to be inside her but knew this wouldn't be happening.

"Isn't it just so frustrating to hate and love something at the same time?" she said teasing.

Daichi gave her the best death glare he could manage in his state of arousal. There would be serious payback.

Hilary stuck her tongue out at him, purposely not doing anything, trying to stall, not doing what he needed so bad.

Daichi stubbornly pressed his arms against the mattress, unwilling to lose this challenge yet.

Hilary pressed her body against his, making sure he felt every contact point, every curve of her body, connecting to every line of his.

Daichi clutched tightly onto the sheets, refusing to move as for as long as he could hold out.

Hilary blew hot breath into his ear, determined to win this.

Daichi's finger dug even deeper into the mattress, as he moaned from the feel on his body.

She sat on his chest and peered down on him, deciding. "Fine, I see I'm not going to win." she said getting up, closing the door behind her.

"What?" Daichi balked as she closed the door. She couldn't just leave him like this. There would in deed be some serious retribution.

Hilary was laughing inside her head as she moved towards the bathroom, running a hand through her hair.

Daichi sat up and snarled. What Hilary had just pulled was cruel beyond words and he was slightly annoyed.

Hilary put her hands above her head, stretching. She watched herself in the mirror, trying to see what Daichi could possibly like about her.

Daichi sat on the bed, painfully erect. He had to do something about that and jerking himself off didn't sound like the funnest idea but it did beat a cold shower.

Hilary walked back into the bedroom, walking past the bed and to the closet.

Daichi watched every movement she made carefully, his green eyes tracing over her body, the curve off her ass, everything.

Hilary reached towards the to and pulled out a bathrobe, making it obvious what she intended on doing and in effect that it meant she'd be (cruelly so) ignoring Daichi.

Daichi balked as he jumped to his feet. There was no way she'd be that cruel. He wasn't going to stand for it. It was about time he reasserted some dominance.

Hilary bit her tongue, trying not to laugh as she went determinedly to the bathroom.

Daichi crossed over towards her and pressed his hard cock against her rounded

Hilary gasped although it wasn't unexpected. "Not happy?" she asked cheekily.

"I think you know," Daichi whispered huskily in her ear as he ground his hips against her body.

Hilary closed her eyes and moaned softly. "Don't know what you mean...I was just going to take a shower," she said stubbornly.
"Fine, lets take a shower," Daichi nibbled lightly on the tip of her ear as he pressed fully against her body.

"You invited?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"I just invited myself," Daichi said as he crossed his arms. He would pout if necessary.

"Fine," she said smiling and stepping into the shower.

Daichi followed her into the shower, wrapping his arms around her body as he stood behind her, holding her against his chest, his hard on still very painful.

Hilary grinned at him and turned to give him a kiss on the cheek before turning on the water with difficulty. "You could let me go, ya know, it'd be easier to turn the water.”

Daichi released her to let her turn on the water, a grin on his face as he heard the spray.

Hilary turned the water on really cold for a spilt second, just to piss Daichi off before she turned it to a normal temperature. "You let me control the water...bad idea." she said giggling.

Daichi's back arched as he felt the cold water, a few words spilling from his mouth. He growled slightly as he felt the water slowly go to a normal temperature, doing nothing for his aching member as he pulled her back towards him, rubbing provocatively against her back.

Hilary's back arched and she moaned as he rubbed against her. She knew he was anxious. She had teased him for a long time and to tell the truth her thighs were incredibly slick.

Daichi slid one hand between her legs and stroked her clit, feeling the wetness already there as he tweaked her nipples gently with his other hand.

Hilary moaned more loudly this time. "Daichi...." she said closed her eyes and moving so his hand had better access.

Daichi rubbed her inner thigh, kissing her neck as his other hand traveled to the other nipple, moving his fingers over it, pinching it lightly.

Hilary's stomach knotted. Now she was getting antsy. She felt her nipples become hard under Daichi's touch and her folds were pulsing.

Daichi didn't have the patience to wait much longer, having waited long enough already as he pried her legs apart and easily slid into her slick entrance.

Hilary arched against the shower wall. She felt extremely relieved. She moved a little, feeling his cock move within her. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

Daichi didn't wait long to start moving, feeling the tight muscles around his cock and the glorious heat. He began thrusting in a fast irregular pace into his lover's body.

Hilary was pushed between Daichi's warm body and the tile wall. She felt the water wash over them as he thrust into her as if he'd never get the chance to again.
Daichi ground deeply into her body before nearly pulling out and slamming in again as hard as he could, grinding harshly against her body.

She pressed herself even harder against the wall for steadiness, having no really use for her legs.

Daichi grasped her butt, supporting her as he panted, driving into her body hard, feeling himself draw nearer the edge with each thrust.

Hilary wrapped her legs around him as he thrusted. She tightened even harder around him right before she climaxed.

Daichi gasped as he released hard into her body, the water pounding against his back as he panted loudly, still clutching Hilary tightly.

Hilary felt him fill her up and moaned against the feeling. "Satisfied?" she asked grinning, trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah," he said as he pulled out from her body, his chest heaving with his heavy breathing.

"Good." she said leaning against the wall, closing her eyes and catching her breath. Her knees were weak and she had to stabilize herself, her wet hair dripping in her face.

Daichi picked her up and carried her to the bed, collapsing on the mattress beside her after setting her down.

Hilary looked at him tiredly. She pulled herself closer to him, curling to fit his body.

Daichi wrapped his arms around her and pulled the sheets over their drying bodies.

"Things are funny, aren't they?" she asked tiredly, muffled into his chest.

"Hm?" he asked, his eyes closed, not even having the energy to open them again.

Hilary blushed and fell silent.

Daichi lay there, holding Hilary in his arms, his head sinking deeply into the pillow. He was supposed to practice with Tyson again today but he figured he might as well just call and cancel again. He was too tired to do anything and besides he still needed to get his payback for Hilary's little game.

Hilary was tired but her body refused to fall asleep. She rolled over, looking at the clock.

Daichi didn't move even though he was partially awake. He felt Hilary roll over in his arms but didn't do anything about it, trying to will himself the rest of the way in blissful sleep.

Hilary just lay there and watched him sleep, thinking to herself. ‘Who would’ve thought…’

And as a note, Bakura if you're online at all we have to finish those two RPs sometime or at least the hospital one.
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