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Okay, this is unfinished but it should explain why the heck Brooklyn's in the hospital.

Salima nervously rang the doorbell. She wasn't sure whether anyone would be sleeping, after all it was early in the morning, although they might be training she thought. She bounced on the balls of her feet, a plastic bag behind her back, as she waited for Brooklyn to answer the door.

Brooklyn answered the door, Arturious in his arms and trying to balance both the bottle and the bottle of pain killer pills he had received from Garland which he had just taken from Barth who was currently batting as his feet. His hair stuck up straight in every direction and was wearing a pair of sleep pants and a robe having just woken up recently.

Salima sweatdropped and took Arturious and his bottle from Brooklyn. She tickled Arturious, cooing to him softly, saying that she had missed him, to which he hit her playfully with his paw. She looked to see Barth eyeing her bag with interest. She smiled before looking back up to Brooklyn giving him a sympathetic look. "You okay?"

"I've been better," Brooklyn sighed as he shrugged. He put the bottle of pain killers on a high counter to attempt to keep them out of Barth's reach. He ran his hand through his hair, trying drastically to put it in some order.

Salima laughed softly at him, feeling sympathy for what he must have been through the last night. She lightly scolded Arturious for not taking anything from Brooklyn, for giving him a hard time. She picked up Barth as well, cradling them like babies. Barth, whom, only wanted to get closer to the bag, which by now he had figured out what was in it.

Brooklyn gave Salima a worn look at the laugh. He was starting to really think he had stepped in over his head this time and all he really wanted was a good night's sleep.

As if reading his mind, "Do you want me to take them to my place and leave you to sleep...or I can stay here while you go back to sleep? Really if you can' this. I'll take them, you know I will."

"But what about Zeo," Brooklyn asked, remembering the conversations the previous day. He covered a yawn and shook his head. "I'm up anyways, sure you're not psychic?"

"Zeo… will get over it I'm sure," she said thoughtfully. She eyed him as if saying you sure?

"Actually, I think I might go back to sleep. Wake me in an hour, okay?" Brooklyn said as he glanced at her.

Salima smiled and said sure. "Do you want me to stay here or go back to my place?"

"Doesn't matter to me, everyone else is off training so there won't be anyone here." Brooklyn closed his eyes for a moment before shaking his head, trying to stay awake for a little while longer.

"I'll stay in the living room then, no use wasting gas driving back." She said giving Brooklyn a playful shove in the direction of his room, having no intention in waking him up in only an hour. She figured let him sleep.

"Remember, one hour, I need to get up to take some of my pain medication," Brooklyn said as he turned to glance at her. Before waiting for a reassurance he dragged back into his room, falling asleep on the short bed before his head hit the pillow.

Salima shut the door quietly before taking the kittens into the living room, Barth sitting on her knee while she fed Arturious. "It wouldn't be so bad, taking you guys in, ya know? I mean I don't know what's going on with me and Zeo and unlike Brooklyn, I don't sleep much so that wouldn't be a problem. I feel like...I'm sworn to protect you," she said softly to the kittens. Salima reached over, reaching the bag with two fingers and pulled it over, taking out some tuna for Barth and pulling out something else. "What do you guys think?" she asked them, showing them what she had bought with her.

Aphrodite stood on the back of a chair, watching closely as she fluttered her wings. She turned and began preening her feathers.

Salima looked at her and winked, pointing back to the bag, which also held something for her as well, not wanting her to get jealous. Salima got up to put the other tuna in the fridge for later, the label still on it. Then she went back to the living room, sitting on the couch.

Brooklyn twisted and turned in a restless sleep. It hadn't been the kittens that had really kept him up but his dreams. He shuddered in his sleep as he lay there in a fetal position, even then, his mind plagued with memories.

Salima laid out her present for the kittens then put the treats on a chair for Aphrodite before looking at the clock, realizing it had already been an hour. She took the pills down Brooklyn had had earlier that morning and a glass of water from the kitchen. She made sure the kittens were fine, seeing that after being fed, they too had gone to sleep. She smiled to herself as she moved to Brooklyn's room.

Brooklyn shivered as he dreamt on, his broken arm twisted beneath his body and his face contorted in a look of pain.

She set both items by his bed and watched him for a moment, wondering what he was dreaming about. She frowned knowing it wasn't good. She nudged him gently, not wanting to startle him.

Brooklyn's eyes snapped open, the aqua green shifting around wildly and then calming down as he saw Salima standing there.

Salima gave a small smile and backed away and left, not sure if he wanted her there or not.

Brooklyn forced himself into a sitting position, winding as he moved his broken arm. He watched Salima leave and then took the pills, moving around after he had done so and got dressed in the white clothing he always wore. He settled his arm into the sling and slid the strap over his shoulder before going to join Salima.

By the time he had gotten back Salima was already back on the couch, Barth balancing on her shoulder, playing with her hair and Arturious on her legs lying back down.

Brooklyn slowly entered the room, standing silently to the side, his head downcast.

Salima picked the kittens off her, setting them down beside her and she went to Brooklyn. "…What's wrong?" she asked genuinely worried.

"It's nothing," he said as he turned away and went into the kitchen. He leaned heavily against the counter as he squeezed his eyes shut. Truth be told he was just lonely, being kept in the house, away from practice with his broken arm, the few times he had with Garland with him working so much. Even though they worked together they still barely had any time just to be together.

Two small arms wrapped around Brooklyn's waist in a hug and pulled away, afraid that he'd be upset. "You just...looked like you needed a hug," she said in almost explanation.

Brooklyn forced a smile. "I guess just being alone so often is kinda getting to me."

"Then I have to make sure you're not alone when you don't want to be!" she said smiling trying to cheer him up.

"Thanks," Brooklyn said with a nod, forcing a smile. It felt good having friends. He couldn't even remember the last friend he had ever had, besides Garland, he had always kept to himself and everyone stayed clear of him.

Salima frowned a little, seeing that his smile didn't reach his eyes.

Brooklyn sighed as he tilted his head back some. He had never been one for talk but he was slowly learning.

Salima heard a crash and her eyes widened.

Brooklyn turned and went towards the other room, stepping in and shaking his head. Barth was on a high counter purring as he looked down at the shattered frames on the floor.

Salima sighed. "Oh...Brooklyn, I'm sorry...I...I'll buy you new frames if you want..." she said starting to pick up the glass. She hissed as a piece cut deep into her palm.

Brooklyn left for the moment and returned with a bandage and some Neosporin. "Don't worry about it, accidents happen." He said as he set down his supplies and began taking the glass from Salima's hand.

Salima pulled her hand back, insisting it was just a scratch

Brooklyn picked up the rest of the glass, leaving to go dump it in the trash before returning and ushering Salima into the kitchen and grabbing the bandages and Neosporin. He silently stood there as he turned on the water to a soft spray.

Salima allowed him to rinse it off but insisted that nothing else needed to be done.

Brooklyn sighed and shook his head as he put some of the Neosporin on her hand. "You don't want it to get infected," he said as he struggled with the bandage.

Salima said it was fine, looking at the dreadful bandage.

Brooklyn sighed, finally giving up on the bandage. Some things were just impossible to do with one hand. He left for a moment then returned with a bandaid that he placed on her hand, holding her hand for a moment in his calloused one. Then he dropped it suddenly as if it was on fire.

Brooklyn turned and left the room, heading outside to the porch. Being out in fresh air felt good as the wind tugged at his hair.

Brooklyn shook his head as he turned back towards the door. He stepped inside and picked up Barth who had been pawing at the door, trying to get to him. Brooklyn sat down in a chair holding Barth close as the tears streamed down his face and wetted the soft fur.

Salima slide down on the tile, balancing her head in a hand, frustrated. She always did something wrong.

Brooklyn glanced up, staring at the ceiling. He didn't know what to do with the life and he knew Zeus was trying to take control again. He was trying to turn him back into the thing he had become when he had battled Tyson but he couldn't allow it.

Salima felt like she had to leave, get away. She couldn't stay here any longer but she knew she had responsibilities.

Brooklyn stared out into open space. Somehow he had to stop Zeus, somehow but the question was did he have the courage to do it.

Salima walked up to Brooklyn. "Um… I think I should...take the kittens to the vet...for a check know?" she said the words coming out strangely

"Yeah," Brooklyn said as he smiled at Salima. He had to pretend everything was all right. He stood up and offered Barth to Salima as he smiled at her. "Thanks, for everything, really. Take care."

Salima nodded and took him, going to her car, not sure what to do.

Brooklyn moved towards the kitchen, his hand shook as he stood by the counter, a pen in his hand, hovering over the piece of paper.

Salima started her car and sighed, knowing she was taking the easy way out.

Brooklyn sighed as he began writing. He bit his lip to hold back tears, not wanting to blotch the ink as he wrote.

Later that day

Salima rang the doorbell, not really wanting to face him again. But she did anyway, the kittens in her arms.

Brooklyn heard the doorbell but he didn't move. The tears fell down his cheek. If Zeus was evil why did he care about him? Why did he let him keep living? It made no sense but he had to end this. He couldn't take this anymore, couldn't take being a prodigy. He stood there in silence and held a picture tightly, the tears streaming down his cheek and falling onto the picture. "I’m sorry Garland," Brooklyn whispered. "I love you." He painfully held out his broken arm and pressed the sharp blade to it, dragging it across his wrist. The blood began seeping out and it wasn't long before he hit the ground hard, still breathing.

Salima rang the doorbell again and tried the lock to find it unopened. She pushed it open gently and looked around finding no one. She headed to Brooklyn's room, figuring that she would just set the kittens down and then call Brooklyn's cell phone. As she walked by something caught her eye, she turned and her eyes widened. She put the kittens down roughly and ran to Brooklyn. "Oh my God...Brooklyn what are you doing?" she asked putting her hand on the one holding the knife.

Brooklyn stared down at the blood steadily covering his arm and cast. "He's going to take control of me again, just like last time."

Salima's eyes brimmed with tears and she sat down facing him. "Brooklyn..." she said whispering. She took the knife away, throwing it so it skidded away from them. She tore the sleeve off her shirt and placed it on his cut. "Don't do this..." she said her voice shaking.

"Zeus, I don't control him," Brooklyn shuddered, his body weak from loss of blood.

Salima took him into a shaky hug. "You…don't have to die Brooklyn, you don't have to die..."

Brooklyn could do nothing but stare at the bloody cloth. He didn't have to, he could fight Zeus' control, somehow.

Salima was crying, she couldn't believe something like this was happening… Salima got up, feeling the warmth of Brooklyn leaving her. She got the bandages Brooklyn had had out for her earlier and tried to keep her fingers steady as she wrapped his arm. "C'mon... we're going to the hospital." she said getting up, wiping the tears from her face.

Brooklyn hoisted himself to his feet and followed Salima, berating himself about how much trouble he was going to be in with Garland.

Salima made sure he was behind her. She noticed that she started crying again. When they got there she helped Brooklyn into the car before going around into the driver's seat her knuckles white from a tight grip on the wheel.

Brooklyn stared at the floor, not saying a word. He had been desperate to make sure he wasn't controlled again.

Salima looked over at him briefly before going back to the road. She opened her mouth to say something but closed it again. What could she say?

His hurt eyes glanced up, watching the road as he sat in the car.

"Brooklyn...I...can you promise not to try that …again?" she knew it was a lot to ask.

Brooklyn shook his head briefly. "I can't promise anything. Last time he controlled me I almost destroyed the world. I'll do anything to keep that from happening again."

" know what happened to me's not the same but...I don't know. There's other ways. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. I just know there has to be some other way."

Brooklyn didn't move as he stared out the window, watching the road go past. He couldn't say anything, didn't trust himself to.

Salima sighed heavily. She was way over her head. She was always so used to giving people advice. She had just always had a knack for it but right now she was just at a lost. She just wanted to give up, stop caring about everyone, forget her responsibilities, her morals and sleep forever.

Brooklyn continued staring out the window. 'I'm sorry Garland'.

Salima handed him her cell phone. "Call Garland and your team, tell them where we're going so they won't be worried," she said quietly, the only volume her voice would allow.

Brooklyn took the cell phone and glanced at her. "Call Garland?"

"Yes. Call him. He'll be more grateful if he knew now then find out later. Plus he'd have my head."

Brooklyn reached out with a shaky hand and dialed Garland's number, his stomach twisting as he sat in the seat.

Garland was just about to take a bite from his sandwich he currently made when he heard the phone ring. With a sigh he put it down and reached for the phone. " Hello? "

Salima looked at him out of the corner of her eye and she drover ever closer to their destination.

"Garland?" Brooklyn's voice was shaky as he heard his boyfriend's voice.

Garland's heart sank a little when he heard the tone of Brooklyn's voice. That wasn't Brooklyn's tone… he paled a little. " Brooklyn? What's wrong? "

"I'm-I'm headed to the hospital," Brooklyn's voice quavered slightly as he sat in his seat. How could he tell Garland that he had slit his wrist?

His eyes widened a little and he struggled to sound calm. " The hospital? Why? What happened? "

Brooklyn bit his lip as he tried to answer but he didn't know how to answer. "I slit my wrists," he finally said.

Well, it was safe to say he lost his appetite. He tried to say something but he couldn't find his voice. His heart beat a little faster in worry. He managed to clear his throat. " W-what? Why? I… Brooklyn…"

"The evil was taking over again," Brooklyn clenched his eyes shut as he felt the tears fall.

Garland was at work, on his break, but this was more important than coffee. " I'll be at the hospital soon…who's bringing you? "

"Salima," Brooklyn said softly, his eyes downcast.

" Alright…hang in there…please… I.., I love you Brooklyn. " His voice breaking, it was so hard not letting the tears fall.

Salima looked over at the mention of her name but didn't say anything.

"I love you too," Brooklyn said quietly as he clutched tightly onto the phone.

" Do you want to stay on the phone with me? Are you tired? Brooklyn… " He scribbled a fast note on the table before he was out the door.

"I'm not tired," he said. "I think we're almost there but please stay on. He wasn't as scared now as he listened to Garland's voice.

" I will. " His voice softened as he looked up at one of the street signs, the hospital wasn't very far. " How are you feeling?"

"I'm cold," Brooklyn said as he watched out the window.

Salima turned off the air conditioner almost with more force than she should have.

" Are you at the hospital? Or are you on your way? " He could see the familiar shape of the building, he was almost there.

"We're on our way," Brooklyn said and glanced at Salima, silently wondering how much longer.

Salima made a semi-sharp turn and went into the hospital parking lot. Everything she was doing was forced. She couldn't tell whether she was sad or angry anymore.

He was at the steps by now, he looked around and saw Salima's car and breathed a sigh of relief. " I see you. " He managed before hanging up. He was still in his uniform and everything.

Brooklyn hung up and handed the phone back to Salima. "Thank you, for everything," he said as he opened the door and stumbled out.

Salima looked at him, "Do you want me to come?" she asked shyly.

"You don't have to," he whispered as he glanced around.

"I didn't ask if I had too, I asked if you wanted me to."

"Not if you don't want to bother with it," Brooklyn said sadly as he stood outside of the car.

He took a deep breath before he walked over, looking to Brooklyn sadly, again… he almost lost him. His eyes went to Salima. " Thank you," he said softly.

Salima sighed. "You really still haven't answered...Do you want to be alone with your boyfriend?"

Brooklyn shook his head and glanced to Garland for an answer, he didn't know

He looked to Brooklyn quietly before looking to Salima. " I would like to be alone with him, but I am sure you are just as worried about his health as I am. I'm guessing you'd like to come too. "

"I'll leave you be but yes I am worried. Call me when you leave," she paused, "Brooklyn, do you want me to take your pets to my house to care for them until one of you can take them back?"

Brooklyn nodded his head. "Could you?"

"" she said strangely before pulling away, on her way to the BEGA house.

Brooklyn looked at the ground as he dragged towards the hospital doors, ashamed that he had managed to cause such a ruckus.

Garland followed next to him. " I'm sorry this happened Brooklyn…"

Brooklyn shuddered as he dragged towards the doors of the hospital. His eyes were downcast and his head lowered as the weakness he was feeling caught up with him.

Garland opened the door for him quietly, a small part of him was angry that this happened, but he was more sad than anything.

As soon as he entered it didn't take long to be sent to a room, several IVs in his arm, one with a blood transfusion.

Garland waited patiently until he was able to enter the hospital room, he took a chair and rested next to Brooklyn, gently stroking his arm quietly.

How could he face anyone again after this? "I'm sorry," he whispered.

" Don't be sorry Brooklyn…don't be… " His voice was breaking and he lowered his head some, tears collecting at the corners of his eyes.

Brooklyn glanced up at Garland, his mind finally relaxing as he felt some of the lightheadeness leaving him.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you Brooklyn… I should have been… " He lowered his head more, the tears finally spilling over.

"There was nothing you could have done," Brooklyn reached up and placed his hand against Garland's cheek.

"I don't want to lose you…" Voice soft and wavering. "I love you too much." He was so scared, he didn't know what he could do.

No matter what happened he wouldn't do it again. In the end while trying to end his pain he had only caused more pain. This was all his fault. "You won't," Brooklyn whispered, "I won't do it again."

" Can you tell me what happened though? Like… what drove you to do it? If it was something I did, I'm sorry. "

"It wasn't you," Brooklyn shook his head as he sighed. "Do you remember when I battled Tyson in the Justice 5 tournament? When Zeus took control and used my ultimate power?" Brooklyn bit his lip. "I almost destroyed the world then, almost eliminated everyone and everything."

Garland nodded absently, he remembered that well enough, how could he forget?

"I'm afraid that Zeus is trying to take control again, it was fine afterwards because he listened to me but in the woods when he killed my father..." Brooklyn shook slightly, the memories still very fresh. "I think he's trying to take control again. The dreams are back, the same ones I had last time and I don't know how long I can resist him. I don't want to turn into that thing again." Brooklyn shook as he clenched his eyes shut.

Garland stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. " I don't want you to turn into that again Brooklyn… and I will try with all my might so you won't. " He knew he could never match up to Brooklyn's strength, but if it came down to it he'd try with all of his strength.

"You can never defeat me." Brooklyn said. It was the same attitude that made people think he was stuck up and cocky but it was just fact. He reached into his pocket and took out his beyblade, holding it out to Garland. "I can't be trusted with this in my possession, both of us know it."

He looked at the blade cautiously. " But…" He knew he couldn't argue, he knew it was true. "You want me to take it?"

Brooklyn looked up at Garland, his face set in a serious expression. "Take it and find some way to destroy it. I'll blade again but not with Zeus," he held the beyblade in his open hand. However much it hurt him to get rid of his bitbeast it had to be done.

He shakily took the blade, wincing when he touched it. " Are you sure? " He didn't know how he was going to do this.

Brooklyn nodded his head. It pained him to do this but he didn't see any other choice and this was a lot less painful than his last attempt to stop it from happening.

He clutched the blade tightly in his hand, nearly drawing blood himself. " There isn't another way, is there? " He frowned a little.

Brooklyn shook his head. "It's either the bitbeast or me, otherwise no one will ever be safe." He pushed himself into a sitting position in order to look Garland in the eyes. "Please Garland, I won't feel safe until it's gone."
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