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Okay, I wrote this on my trip. Just a scene about Brooklyn and his family.

Brooklyn shrugged the black bag marked with white letters spelling BEGA further on his shoulder, glancing around with bright eyes as he noted that the Canadian airport was devoid of any life. He supposed it was too much to ask for his parents to actually be there to pick him up if they insisted on him coming all this way.

“Brooklyn!” The ginger haired blader turned only to be tackled by a blur of orange. The blur hit his diaphragm and he felt the air leave his lungs as he was tackled to the ground.

Brooklyn stumbled to his feet, as he pulled the small girl up with him. “Suzie, you’ve grown so much,” the constant smile lit up even more as he hugged the girl tightly before turning to face his parents.

He was enjoying his time with Suzie and knew it would only last so long. His parents would get in the way; after all, they were the ones that had abandoned him on a trolley car at Niagara Falls. He had been alone since then, until Boris showed up and saved him from his loneliness.

Brooklyn shook his head as Suzie clung to his arm. She seemed overjoyed to see the brother she had only known through TV. She would have never known had he not become famous during his time with BEGA. His parents would never have thought of him and welcomed him back had it not been for that. How ironic that blading was the reason they had abandoned him in the first place.

They were scared of him like so many others.

“Welcome home Brooklyn,” his father reached out towards him with a formal handshake that Brooklyn uneasily took as he eyed the illegal game hunter and President of a logging company. His mother watched him nervously, her eyes downcast as she took her husband’s hand and the family was ushered out of the airport.

Suzie swung her arm back and forth as she held tightly to Brooklyn’s hand. “We’re going be a family again right!” Suzie exclaimed but was silenced by a glare from their father.

Suzie clapped both her hands to her mouth as she caught the glare and Brooklyn’s thoughts went away from the coldness of Canada as they stepped out into the night and back to Japan. He was glad he had managed to keep Aphrodite home were he didn’t have to worry about her. The other BEGA bladers would take care of her and she had mastered getting Garland’s attention.

A brief smile crossed Brooklyn’s lips as his thought went to his boyfriend. He would have rather spent the week with him rather than his parents.

Suzie gave a giant yawn as they were ushered into the car. She leaned against Brooklyn as the car began moving. It wasn’t long before the car stopped at a house that Brooklyn was sure belonged to his parents, not that he would know.

He smothered a yawn as he dragged out of the car. He felt his father’s hand on his shoulder and turned to see the rifle in the other man’s hand.

“It’s about time you learn to become a man,” he said gruffly as Brooklyn’s bright eyes aimed towards him. He knew what this was about and he’d sooner die than harm an animal.

Suzie waved at them as Brooklyn watched his mother bring her inside the house. The lump in his throat wasn’t departing as he followed his father through the forest. It wasn’t long before they stopped by a tree. His father aimed his rifle at a large nest in the tree and readied his gun.

Brooklyn felt his mouth dry as he stood there. There were birds in that nest and his father was going to slaughter them.

His mind screamed out as he jumped on his father’s back, wrapping his arms around his throat in a chokehold. He had never been violent to anyone before but this was too much to watch.

Brooklyn felt his father toss him easily from his back, letting Brooklyn roll down to the ground.

Brooklyn pushed himself to his feet as the sides from his beyblade launcher slid out. He drew the elastic band back into position as he slid the black beyblade in. It was launched in silence, skidding across the dirt as the huge winged beast came out from the bit.

Brooklyn saw his father look on in fear at the feathered Zeus. His first reaction was to shoot wildly at the creature. One such shot landed inches in front of Brooklyn, sending the teen flying back into a tree. He heard a sickening crack as he hit the ground.

Zeus roared in outrage, bringing back a claw and striking Brooklyn’s father as hard as he could. The man fell, blood covering him as Brooklyn used one arm to push himself up. He tried to make his way to his father but Zeus stood in front of him, blocking his way.

Brooklyn stood there, watching his father motionless body as Zeus pawed his hooves at the ground. He crawled towards his father’s body, Zeus keeping a wary eye on his master as Brooklyn touched his father. He wasn’t breath but that wasn’t a surprise.

He glanced at the damage, seeing the nest on the ground, riddled with bullet holes. The body of a Falcon on the ground beside it. Brooklyn blinked staring at the nest and saw a single egg that had survived. He picked it up and cradled it in his arms, leaning back heavily against a tree trunk as Zeus nuzzled him. His arm hurt, that much he knew and he needed help.

As for other notes to players:

Garland- I'd like to do another scene between Garland and Brooklyn, just spending some time together or whatever.

Salima-I'd also like to RP Brooklyn and Salima getting together to talk sometime and a scene between Hilary and Daichi, perhaps Hilary finding him on his training trip. Let me know what you think. I've got My Space so we can do it on that.

Raul and Mariah-I've got a thread up in my Julia journal for an RP between the three characters so we've gotta work on it sometime.
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