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Daichi felt the impending silence beginning to bug him once more but he didn't say a word, holding onto Hilary, not willing to let go.

Hilary traced circles on his chest absently, humming softly.

Daichi could hear her humming as he lay there on the couch with her, neither one really knowing what to say. He guessed talking was something you just didn't do after a moment like this.

Hilary giggled and kissed him again, firmly this time.

Daichi pressed into the kiss, his arms wrapped around her, holding her tightly.

Hilary allowed him to pull her closer to him. She kinda liked it when he was in control. She could feel her now tender breasts push against his chest. She realized how fragile her body was compared to him.

He broke slightly from the kiss and stroked her cheek with his hand before seizing her lips once more in a gentle kiss.

She sighed against him. She wasn't sure what she felt for him but she knew it was something. And after today there was no way she could ignore him.

Daichi pulled slightly away, holding her against his chest. There would be so many things to deal with in the future but now wasn't the time to think about them.

"Daichi..." she whispered, "Would you like to spend the night?"

Daichi gave a nod. He definitely didn't want to leave her and this was far better than sleeping outside like he had been on his training trip.

Hilary moved carefully and got off the couch, her legs sore. She moved to the kitchen and got a glass of water, slipping it slowly.

Daichi sat up and pulled his boxers and jeans back on as he ran his hand through his red hair, now even wilder than usual. Every muscle in his body protested the movement.

The tile was cold under her bare feet. She shuddered slightly as her body cooled down and the air chilled her.

Daichi stood up and stretched slightly, his body very much protesting it.

Hilary set her water down and went to the doorframe, leaning on it and looking at Daichi. "Want anything?" she asked.

"Uh, could I just have some soda?" Daichi asked as he stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

Hilary nodded and opened the fridge, looking for some.

Daichi stretched as he walked over to her, everything a bit awkward suddenly.

Hilary threw him a soda and sat on the counter.

Daichi caught it, popping the lid open as he drank it, watching her every movement and realizing for the first time in his life that when he stepped back to look at her she actually was beautiful.

Hilary swung her legs, looking at the floor, absently realized that it needed to be mopped. She blushed when she realized she was thinking about cleaning at a time like this.

Daichi stood there, for once in his life having nothing to say, it wasn't that he didn't want to say anything, it was just that he didn't know what to say.

Hilary hopped off the counter and went into her bedroom, pulling an oversized shirt on, not feeling like constraining her body to anything else.

Daichi leaned against the counter, finishing off his soda as he stood there, feeling the cool hair against his bare chest.

Hilary lay down on her bed and turned on the TV in her room. She snuggled under the covers, cold.

Daichi crossed over to the couch, hearing the TV from another room, and not sure whether he should join Hilary or not, finally deciding against it.

Hilary felt herself almost asleep. She struggled to stay awake. She was surprised to find that the sheets that normally comforted her didn't anymore but rather... that she wanted to snuggle up to Daichi and have his arms around her instead of a blanket. She swore slightly, knowing now that she was dependant on him.

Daichi leaned back, lying against the armrest as he stared at the ceiling.

Hilary groaned, defeated and slightly annoyed before she got out of the warmth of her bed and went to see where Daichi had gone off to.

Daichi lifted his head and glanced over towards Hilary as he heard the footsteps approaching.

Hilary gave him a half smile as she entered the room.

Daichi pushed himself into a sitting position and grinned broadly as he watched her.

Hilary wrapped her arms around herself and leaned against the hallway wall, closing her eyes. Her courage to talk to him again was gone. She had a need to be spontaneous or goofy but she wasn't sure she could now, as soon as she saw him...

Daichi blinked, a bit confused. One way or another they would have to talk. He stood up and crossed towards Hilary, standing before her.

Hilary eyes opened as she felt a presence by her. She blinked up at him.

"We've gotta talk about this," all childishness gone, this was serious and opposed to common belief he could be serious every once in a while. He just never felt like it. It was easier to hide pain behind a loud mouth and constant joke.

Hilary looked up at him with wide eyes and nodded.

They had to talk, even if he didn't know how to start. Finally Daichi sighed. "I'm not sorry about anything that happened."

Hilary nodded. "Me either..." she said softly.

Neither of them were sorry, but where did that leave them now? Thinking had never been his strong suit, you either win or you lose, life had been black or white, but not anymore. He wracked his brain but still came up with nothing except for one thing that caused his mind to panic, he didn't know about Hilary but he hadn't used protection.

"So..." she said, not looking at him, not sure what to say. She kinda wanted to date him...but she knew sex didn't automatically mean someone is ready to go out. She wasn't sure what he'd think of the idea...

Daichi dismissed the panic for a moment as he glanced at Hilary, blinking a few times, wondering what she was trying to say. "So..." he prodded her to continue.

..."What does all this mean? Where does it leave us? I mean...tomorrow or the next day... where will we be at?" She knew it'd break her heart, that she was already to far in, if he decided to be 'just friends.'

Daichi wrapped his arms around her and held her close. "This wouldn't have happened if both of us weren't interested, do you want to be together? Are you willing?"

Hilary kissed him, giving him her answer. She broke it quickly, knowing there was still more to discuss.

Daichi held Hilary close, the kiss still tingling on his lips. He wanted this and it seemed so did she.

" that's decided..."

Daichi nodded his head, what else was there to decide? "There's more?"

Hilary giggled. "Dunno."

Daichi heard his stomach protest the constant exercise and lack of food since the cake, even though that hadn't been all that long ago, an hour or two at the most.

Hilary laughed and pushed her hands against his stomach, pushing him off her and she ducked underneath his arms.

Daichi caught up to her easily. "I offered you pizza earlier, let's go get some."

Hilary laughed. "Okay...but let me change into something a little more...appropriate and a little less revealing.”

Daichi sighed and nodded, he guessed she couldn't go out like that, not that he minded though. He dug through the pile of clothes on the floor and finally found his shirt, pulling it on over his head.

Hilary went into her room and closet, pulling off her shirt and searching for something not as...dirty as what she had been wearing before that. She didn't bother to close the door. He'd already seen her, nothing to be ashamed of anyway.

Daichi waited for her as he ran a hand through his hair, eventually giving up on it. He was a mess and he knew it, but he also knew there was nothing to be done about it. All his extra clothes were at Tyson's or Max's.

Hilary chose a pair of short jean shorts and a black shirt that said Flirt. She went out towards Daichi, semi-hyper.

Daichi glanced at the shirt and shook his head. It seemed that she had turned into a bit of a flirt in only a few hours time, with him at least but he didn't mind.

Hilary slapped him playfully upside the head at the look he gave to her shirt, sticking out her tongue.

"That hurt," Daichi muttered as he rubbed his head. "You planning on using that?"

Hilary pouted slightly. “Yes, I am." she said in a -matter-of-fact voice, pinning him and kissing him just as fiercely as they had the first time.

Daichi wrapped his arms around her as he felt his back hit the wall and kissed her back deeply.

Hilary's stomach did flips just like it always did when he kissed her. She broke it. "We going for food or not? Not that you don't taste good but..."

"Yeah," he gave her a quick kiss and managed to pull out of her grasp before she could retaliate.

Hilary followed him to the door but grabbed his hand. She didn't want to loose contact with him.

Daichi held onto Hilary's hand as they walked out of the apartment.

Hilary leaned her head against his shoulder. "So...where are we going? Other than the obvious, pizza, food."

"I don't know, pick a place." He didn't really care where it was as long as there was food.

Hilary sweatdropped. "Well...I know a place just the next street over. It's owned by my dad's friend."

"Okay," Daichi shrugged. It was fine by him.

Hilary nodded and smiled, squeezing her boyfriend's hand. It felt so weird to think of him like that but nice as well.

Daichi let Hilary lead the way since he had no idea where this place was, a grin on his lips as he felt her squeeze his hand, holding it tightly.

When they reached the place, Hilary eased the door open, hearing it ring. It was a small family owned restaurant. The boy behind the register smiled at her as she came in. He was the son of the owner. "Hi Tommy." she said smiling at him as she pulled Daichi inside.

Daichi glanced around, taking in the sight of the restaurant as he was pulled along by Hilary. He had never even seen this restaurant.

Hilary looked at him, "What do you want?" she asked looking at the menu.

Daichi blinked as he looked at the menu and then silently wondered just how much money he had. If he were going out again to continue training he wouldn't have anything. He groaned as he realized his wallet was completely empty.

Hilary saw him and smiled, whispering in his ear that she had money.

Daichi nodded as he looked at the menu. Food was food, no matter how he got it. "I think I'm gonna have a large supreme."

Hilary laughed and placed their orders, sitting in a booth as she waited.

Daichi sat across from her, staring into empty space, still mulling over the day. He had never expected it.

Hilary was playing with everything on the table, salt and peppershakers, napkins and cheese shakers, creating strange things.

Daichi turned to stare out the window. His head hurt from the way his mind had been at an incredibly fast pace since earlier that day.

The food came and Hilary nibbled on hers, her thoughts preoccupying her.

Daichi ate quickly, hardly taking a chance to breathe between his bites. He was hungry and the food tasted good.

Hilary put her hand over her mouth trying to suppress her giggles.

Daichi gave a mock glower as he finished off his food. Everyone was always picking on how he ate. Tyson wasn't any better.

Hilary finished her feet and pulled her feet under her and continued playing with the cheese on her napkin.

"Do ya wanna, well, do you think we're a couple?" Daichi asked as he stared down at his empty plate.

Hilary hummed, thinking. "I guess so...I mean I think so..."

"It seems like it," Daichi said as he glanced up at her. Did she want them to be a couple? He didn't know her well enough to know that.

Hilary started dancing slightly to music in her head. She loved acting weird, so much fun, she thought to herself.

Daichi watched her intently, his green eyes never moving off her. It was late and he was tired but he wasn't going to push her, he wanted to spend as much time with Hilary as he could.

Hilary looked up, "Done?"

"Yeah," he said as he nodded his head, his eyes still not moving off her.

Hilary looked at him confused. "...What?"

Daichi blinked, shaking his head and bringing himself back to reality. "Nothing," he said as he grinned at her.

Hilary gave 'the look' but got up anyway.

Daichi followed her out of the booth and took her hand, holding it.

A blush crept on Hilary's face as he grabbed her hand. She paid and led Daichi out of the restaurant.

Daichi saw the blush on her face. "Are you embarrassed of me?"

Her face got defensive and slightly insulted. "No!"

Daichi dropped her hand and looked at her, his arms crossed over his chest. "It was just a question."

Hilary looked at him hurt. "Fine." she said with a little bite, walking back to her house.

Daichi bit his tongue as he caught up to her. "What did I say this time," he asked as he caught her arm.

"Nothing." she said pulling her arm away and kept walking.

Daichi caught her arm again, spinning her around and pressing his lips fiercely to hers. He wasn't about to let her go storming out like that.

Hilary's eyes widened and she found she couldn't move. What was his deal?

Daichi released Hilary's arms as he drew slightly away. "What's wrong?" He said as he stubbornly stood there.

Hilary narrowed her eyes, lips sewn shut, usual fire in her eyes.

Daichi stood there, she could be stubborn and temperamental but he could give it right back to her. She didn't want any help, well then, too bad.

Hilary tried to get away from him, wiggling her arm.

Daichi released her arm; did she just want to be friends? Was that the problem, was she fine when she was being pleasured but the minute it got serious did she have to run off?

Hilary fumed. "Instead of always telling me to explain, why you tell me what's on your mind?"

"Fine," Daichi stood there. "I want to be with you, can you understand that?"

Hilary's eyes widened at his bluntness.

"Nevermind, do whatever you want," he turned away. Tyson was always trying to get rid of him, how could anyone else be any different but it hurt to be unwanted.

Hilary stood in place. She could feel tears brimming as he walked away. She always messed things up… but then again, she thought, she never said that she had wanted him although, she also noted she had never said she didn't.

Daichi stood there, feeling his heart wrench from his body. His head was lowered, glad that he had managed to at least get everything that was his out of her apartment. Or at least he thought so. As he reached down to his packet his eyes widened. He didn't have his beyblade with him of all things. He couldn't go back and face her, knowing that he wasn't wanted once again but he needed Strata Dragoon back. It was the only memory of his father.

Hilary went back into her apartment. She looked into the mirror. Flirt. She took off her shirt and hurled it across the room. Flirt. A lot of good that did her. She fell on her bed, frustrated. She turned her phone on, checking messages absently, not even caring what they said.

Daichi kicked a nearby tree absentmindedly. He needed his beyblade back. He decided he was going to go back to the apartment.

Hilary turned on her stereo, blasting sad songs. She buried her head into a pillow taking shallow breaths.

It wasn't long before Daichi had found himself back in front of Hilary's door and knocking on it. Like it or not he needed his beyblade. It was one of the single most important things in his life.

Hilary didn't hear him at first, too absorbed with the music.

Daichi stood at the door and knocked harder. He needed his beyblade back and he would stand there all night if he had to.

Hilary heard something and turned the music down slightly. She opened the door and then stepped out of the streets eyesight, noticing she was still only in her bra. She was surprised to see Daichi.

Daichi focused on Hilary, seeing her face and the rest of her. He instantly forgot why he was so mad at her as he stood outside in the night air.

"Come in," she said moving into the living room, sitting on the arm of the couch, wondering why he was there.

Daichi stepped inside the apartment and glanced around, his eyes focusing on Hilary once more as he licked his lips slightly.

Hilary fell backwards, off the arm of the couch and onto the cushions. "So..."

"I just remembered that I forgot my beyblade," Daichi said, however he couldn't avert his eyes from her.

Hilary nodded, closing her eyes and pointed to it, where it was on the coffee table beside her.

"Uh, thanks," he picked up the purple beyblade and slid it into his pocket before turning back towards Hilary. He knew he should just leave but he couldn't. He reached out towards her and touched her face.

She opened her eyes and turned her head towards him, unconsciously moving into the touch.

Daichi leaned in and brushed his lips against hers in a lingering kiss. He couldn't leave her, not yet, not ever anymore.

Hilary looked at him in awe and moved her lips back to his again.

Daichi pressed into the gentle kiss, his hand never leaving her cheek. If she didn't want him why didn't she just shove him away?

Hilary put her hand on the back of his neck, pulling him closer.

Daichi felt himself pressed against Hilary, his hands on the couch to support himself and keep the majority of the weight off her.

Hilary turned so she was no longer on her back on slipped off the couch, straddling his lap.

Daichi wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close as he sat down on the couch.

Hilary grinned as he moved her.

Daichi ran his hands over the bare skin, his breathing speeding up slightly as he kissed Hilary's neck, his lips trailing over it.

Hilary gasped at his touch. He always did this to her! "You're gonna make me so tired I won't even be able to get out of bed tomorrow...." she whined.

"And that's a problem?" Daichi asked as he nibbled softly on her skin, all arguments forgotten, the only thing on his mind was pleasing Hilary.

Hilary suppressed a moan and glared playfully. "Some people have things to do during the day..."

"Like what?" He paused to give Hilary an innocent look. Daichi pressed a hand to her cheek, bringing her face over towards his, pressing his lips against hers.

Hilary pulled away slightly, their noses touching and her breath light on his face. She giggled. "Dunno...” she said with a smile.

Daichi wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips against hers.

Hilary pulled away again and laughed again. "Mmmmm, you taste so much better than pizza...."

"That's good," he said with a laugh as he kissed Hilary's ear lightly and then his tongue darted out, stroking the shell of it.

Hilary purred and pressed her body closer to him, her hands clutched to her chest.

He moved his hands over her bare skin as he kissed his way down her jaw and throat, moving gently over the soft skin.

She shivered, his cold hands on her warm skin. Hilary squeezed her legs together, pressing his hips, still on his lap.

Daichi's breathing increased as he felt Hilary's legs pressing against him. He grasped her hips as his kisses trailed down her shoulder, moving slowly across her skin.

"You do insane things to me..." she whispered softly in his ear, her eyes closed as he kissed her in every place imaginable.

A single hand trailed down Hilary's bare leg as he pressed kisses to her stomach, moving slowly up her body, leaving a wet trail.

Her stomach was jumping at the attention. Hilary's hand found Daichi's, moving it from the top of her leg to her inner thigh, a place where her leg was extra warm and soft and often concealed. Her shorts did cover much except her butt and she knew Daichi was aware of that.

Daichi stroked the soft warmth, his fingers moving over it and finally sliding her off his lap and onto the couch he began pressing the kisses to the same place his fingers had stroked.

Hilary un-buttoned her shorts but left them. "Daichi...let's move to my bed, at least if I fall asleep I won't wake up with cramps..." she said commonsense coming in.

"Alright," he stumbled to his feet, pulling Hilary into his arms before heading into the room, his eyes burning with passion as he set her down and straddled her form.

Hilary giggled, "Now why does this seem familiar?" she asked mischief in her eyes.

"Cause you want it so bad?" Daichi asked with a cocky grin and then pressed his lips to her naval, right above the waistband of her panties.

Hilary giggled again and her stomach went to rise to his kiss. She sat up, moving until she had discarded completely of her shorts. "Oh, you've got me." she said with a grin that matched his.

Daichi pressed against her skin as he reached down and stroked her inner thigh, his fingers going over the soft skin gently.

Hilary purred again in pleasure. He was controlling her again, she knew and there was nothing she could do about it.

Daichi pulled the panties away from Hilary's soft skin and pressed a kiss into the warm hair, his hand stroking her inner thigh, moving carefully over the skin.

Hilary squirmed under his touch involuntarily. He always took no time, undressing her, she thought. Not that she minded being wanted. This was all just foreign to her.

Hilary's hand clenched the sheets beneath her. She was so vulnerable right now. The whole world could blow up outside her window and she wouldn't even know it.

Daichi moved up and seized her lips in a passionate kiss, putting forth all the pent up emotion he felt for her. His hands were on either side of her, holding his weight off her.

Hilary kissed him back with just as much force. She could feel his weight above her, looming. She felt small, in only her bra while he, probably twice her weight, was in complete control, still fully dressed, having her wrapped around his finger. He really was wearing her out and she had no more defenses left.

Daichi shifted his weight to his elbows and ran a finger down her cheek as he pressed into the passionate kiss, his mind on nothing but how to please her, love overwhelming every one of his senses.

Hilary moved towards him, massaging his chest through his shirt.

Daichi arched towards her touch, breaking the kiss slightly to catch a breath.

Hilary grinned; some of her sense having come back, along with her mischief and cunning. She slid from out of under him and standing up, putting on a stray XL shirt and walking away, her hips swaying. "I think I'm gonna go out..." she said her voice betraying her.

The swaying hips got Daichi's attention, along with the teasing as he stumbled out of the bed and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Who said you could leave?"

"Do I need your permission?" she asked raising a brown eyebrow.

"No, but you aren't gonna go without me," he lowered his mouth and softly nibbled on her neck, tasting the delicious taste of her skin against his tongue.

Hilary put on a stubborn face, he wouldn't win so easily, he was forgetting who she was. "Who says? What are you? A stalker?" she said moving away, laughter in her voice at his face.

Daichi laughed and gave a slight pout as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. "Is there a reason I should," he gave her a swift kiss on the cheek and nuzzled against her neck.

"Maybe you should...I tend to get in trouble when I'm alone," she said with a grin.

"Guess I need to," he murmured against her skin, a hand running across her clothed spine.

Hilary shivered. "And maybe I should lock the doors."

"Who's going to come in," Daichi asked as he rested his forehead against Hilary's, holding her close and not wanting to let go of her warm body.

"I don't know...maybe to keep someone out..." she paused and lowered her voice, "Or maybe keep someone in."

A smirk played over Daichi's lips. "I'm not gonna go anywhere," he said as he pressed his lips against Hilary's.

Hilary smirked and pulled away just long enough to say, "good." She gave him a look, "Maybe I should play hard to get? Make you work for me? Hm?"

Daichi groaned as he stood there. "Work for you, huh." He pressed another kiss to her lips.

Hilary bit his lip, just hard enough for him to feel a bit of pain.

Daichi felt the teeth against his lip and pressed harder against her, his tongue tracing over Hilary's bottom lip, passion overwhelming him.

Hilary let go and grimaced. She started to wiggle, trying to free herself. This was harder than she thought.

Daichi held Hilary close, she may have been playing 'hard to get' but at the moment he wasn't going to let her go, passion controlling his body as he felt the presence of the uncomfortable hardness.

Hilary moved her hand downwards, squeezing his length lightly and in the time it took him to figure out what she had done, slipped away from him.

Daichi arched towards her hand and then balked as she escaped his grasp. He wasn't about to stand for that.

Hilary giggled and stuck her tongue out. She was having way too much fun with this. Well, it wasn't her fault he was extremely horny, now was it?

As he had learned so many years ago the best way to win something is to ignore so Daichi plopped down on the couch and did his best to ignore Hilary's game, though his body was telling him that it wasn't going to work and he was starting to agree after only a few moments.

Hilary smirked to herself. So that was his line of defense, it wouldn't work. She went back to her bedroom. She pulled her shirt back off slowly and in front of the door, making sure he could see. Completely naked, she crawled into bed and covered herself with only a thin, transparent white sheet. She started playing with herself and moaning loudly. She was gonna win this.

Daichi groaned feeling what little control he had very quickly slipping away. In the end he stumbled to his feet and stood over in the doorway, his eyes darkened with passion as he stood there, a pout on his lips.

Hilary smirked at him and walked up to him, hooking a leg around his waist, her wetness evident. Her tongue grazed his cheek and her hot breath tickled it. She knew he was too far in.

Daichi could feel his breath speeding up as he arched against her bare body, his hands traveled over her, grasping her but cheeks with one as the other slid between her legs.

Hilary's eyes rolled to the back of her head in lust. When she was little her mother had always told her that it might be a man's world but men couldn't live without women as women could without them. In the end women could change and shape things, making them beautiful. She knew this was beautiful...them...together.

Daichi was panting as his hands moved over Hilary's body, friction between them caused by the rubbing of the fabric of his clothing against Hilary's beautiful skin. He wanted her, needed her... And was going to have her by the end of the night. He walked her back towards the bed as he rubbed his fingers across her wetness.

Hilary moaned. She fell lightly on her bed, the sheets already turned back. She sat down, spreading her legs, waiting for him to join her.

Daichi joined her on the bed, needing no more invitation than what he saw, Hilary hot and naked on the bed, just waiting for him. He pressed a fierce kiss to her lips as his hands traveled over her body, touching ever bit of skin.

Hilary kissed him back, loving his hands as they groped every part of her body. She had patience unlike him. She looked at his clothes but dismissed them. She'd rather have him rip them off in eagerness than her do it herself.

Daichi panted, pulling slightly away to gain his breath before claiming her lips again, everything done not by thoughts but by instinct in the raw fury of passion that overwhelmed his mind. His hands ran over her breasts, pinching her nipples gently as his tongue force its way into Hilary's mouth.

Hilary felt her breasts harden even more, under his big hands, if that was possible. She fought back with her own tongue, just as strongly.

Daichi felt his tongue twist around Hilary's, tangling in a battle with it as his fingers ran along her hardened breasts, his own erection growing painful as it pressed against his jeans.

Hilary moved towards him, pressing her lower body against his, feeling his erection and pressing her folds against it.

Daichi groaned, moving back slightly as he hurriedly pulled off his jeans, sliding them and his boxers down his hips in a quick movement, his body and mind overloaded screaming to take her now.

Hilary smiled shyly at him as she watched. She knew she was driving him mad, she could see it in his eyes. She knelt on her knees, facing him, spreading her knees as she looked at him

The jeans hit the floor with a clank from Daichi's belt and his shirt hit the floor just as quickly in a messy pile as he leaned forward and seized her lips, pressing hard against Hilary's body.

Hilary's fingers grazed down Daichi's sides, pulling him close and caressing his skin.

Daichi panted as he felt Hilary's hands on him, moving until his hard cock brushed against her wetness.

Hilary smiled and moved her folds until his length was resting on it. She could feel it throb and she moaned in anticipation.

Daichi eased her down to stretch out as he easily slid into her wet entrance, feeling the smooth insides brush against his member, begging for attention.

Hilary stretched out on her bed, her arms out to her sides. She gazed up at him before closing her eyes as he slid into her. All her muscles clenched at once, wrapping around her lover that was inside her.

Daichi moaned as he felt the muscles instantly tightening around him, working to push him over the edge as he slid all the way in, not pausing before he began rapid thrusts into Hilary's body, needing her so badly.

Hilary moaned as he thrusted into her. Her hands clenched at her surroundings. 'Daichi!" she moaned loudly.

Daichi panted as he drove into Hilary's body, the tight heat surrounding his length, threatening to push him over the edge with each movement he made.

Hilary shifted, her body tense. She rose to meet his movements, causing him to drive even farther in with more force. Her breasts bobbed up and down with the effort, sweat dripping between them.

Daichi felt the sweat drip off his chest as the pleasure drove him over, releasing hard into Hilary's body below him and draining his body of all energy he had left.

Hilary felt him fall into her. Her own bliss climaxed and made her body shake. She fell on her side, pulling Daichi beside her, his cock still embedded in her. She brushed his face with her fingertips lovingly but tired. She pulled him closer, as close as they could get.

Daichi pulled her against his heaving chest, holding her tight as he lay there, trying to slow his breathing but hardly able to hold his head up.

Hilary quickly fell asleep like that. Him inside her, holding her. She had pleasant dreams that night.

Daichi felt his body collapse heavily into the bed, exhaustion taking over as he ran a hand through her hair, and cradled her close before letting his eyes fall shut.
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